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Burning back pain for 6 years and no answers yet

So basically I've tried everything I can possibly think of to fix my problem and nothing's worked...I've given up on it getting fixed but just figured I may as well take a shot in the dark and post it here to see if anyone has any solutions.

So...about 6 years when I was 16 ago I got a slight mid back pain just to the right of my spine. I didn't think anything of it because it wasn't a big issue and just figured it would go away...a few months later it's still there and getting worse. I go to the chiropractor and he loosens me up but the pain doesn't change. It keeps getting worse and worse and spreading from the middle of my back to underneath my shoulder blades to the side muscles below my armpits to my neck and shoulder muscles.

The only way I can describe the pain is as a slow burning like hot coals constantly under my skin from my mid back to my neck. It isn't in my bones but feels like it's in my deepest muscles and radiating outward. The pain isn't usually horrible but it's constantly there 24/7, just burning away and in the mornings it is always very stiff. At one point however it was bad enough I couldn't move for periods of 15-30min but is now under control so I can live normally with it. When it had first started it was just a slight ache but within a couple months it had transformed to what I just described.

I am a fairly active person, I mainly rock climb and play hockey and tennis, but also golf, badminton and pretty well any other assorted sport. I have never had a back injury however so, unless it was so minor I didn't even notice it, that's not the issue. I find the more stagnant I am the worse it gets and only doing a daily workout routine complete with back exercises keeps it under control. Also, it doesn't affect the strength of my muscles whatsoever

Ok so now that you have some background I'll just list what treatment I've tried and what success I've had in chronological order so I don't make this too long. I underwent all of these for several months to years before moving on and trying something else to make sure I gave it a fair shot.

Chiropractic - loosens me up, no pain relief

Laser treatment (stimulate blood flow) - no relief

Physiotherapy - mild pain relief but only for a few hours after the treatment. Physio exercises keep it stable however

Acupuncture - lessens the pain quite a bit but only for a day or two tops

Massage therapy - same result as physio

Arthritis/inflammation medication - no relief, just constipation

Had MRI/X ray - nothing abnormal

Intramuscular/dry needle therapy - best result. Pain/stiffness relief and although it didn't eliminate the pain it made it stable enough that I could live with it

Correactology - mild relief. Made the pain more of an ache than a burn

Homeopathy - no relief

So far no one has been able to tell me for sure what causes this, only guess. I have been told it could be:

Arthritis (probably not, arthritis meds did nothing)


Scoliosis (probably not, X-ray showed nothing wrong)

Nerve damage

My cells are screwed up and won't repair themselves (forget what this is called)

Limes disease (never bitten by a tick though and don't go in the country/fields...)

An injury (probably not, see above)

And my doctor said I was just born with it and to deal with it.

So that's it as far as I can think of...I'm not expecting any miracles but if you have an answer please tell me! Feel free to ask questions if I wasn't clear enough somewhere in this

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Heat helps the stiffness but not the pain. Cold doesn't do anything either way. Movement and exercise is definitely better than being stagnant but only keeps it stable and doesn't relieve the pain.
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Will heat or ice do anything for it? Will it get better with movement?
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Also forgot to mention I play guitar and violin if that makes a difference. Violin is only within the last year though so it definitely didn't cause it
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