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Burning pain all of body that has last for the past week

Hello. I am miserable. First of I have fibromyalgia and POTS so I have pins and needles and burning sensations occasionally but nothing ever to this scale. This is pure torture. The pain is 24/7 non stop for the past week. My rheumatologist just prescribed me steroids and I will take them for 6 days. The first day seemed to help but today I feel like I’m back where I started and I’m immobilized by the pain. What could this be? I’m so desperate for help and answers and relief.
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You need to understand that it can take a while for the steroids to kick in.  Feeling better the same day you started them is likely a placebo effect.  

I have neuropathy in my feet/hands that causes a lot of burning/pain.  Have you seen a neurologist to see if that could be your problem?   There are medications that can help alleviate the burning/pain.  One of the main ones is Duloxetine, which is a generic for Cymbalta.  I take that for my neuropathy… It helps considerably, but doesn’t eliminate the pain.  

If you look it up, Cymbalta (Duloxetine) is listed as an anti-depressant, but it’s used “off label” quite often for pain.  

Check with your doctor and see if that might be possibility for you.
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Yes. I take cymbalta and gabapentin. I see a neurologist as well as a rheumatologist. I go to PT as well. You’re right. I probably do need to be patient. I’m just so miserable. I just really hope this helps. I’ve never experienced nerve pain quite this bad. I have neuropathy but it has never in all the time that I’ve had been like this.
If you can get hold of your doctor, you can ask about using an ointment called Voltaren (active ingredient is Diclofinac).  It used to be prescription only, but now is OTC.  When my neuropathy (or arthritis) pain gets really bad, I use it with my doctor’s blessing.

Also watch what you’re eating/drinking to try to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet.  Things we eat can certainly cause symptoms of burning/tingling/pain.  

Not sure your dose of Cymbalta or Gabapentin… Perhaps you could increase the dosage of one of them???  I used to take Gabapentin, but it caused me to gain weight like there was no tomorrow, so I insisted that I be given something else.  

You can also talk to your doctor about Topamax (generic is Topiramate).  I was on that for several years and did better than anything else but my neuro wanted me off it, so I agreed to go with the Duloxetine.  

There are options.
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