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Burning tingling finger and arm pain

I have been living with burning and pain in my middle finger, ring finger and now the pinky finger[/b]. The pain is so severe I have to blow on them to keep warm or shake my hand to get rid of the pins and needles I feel.

The fingers have to be continuously kept warm because they burn when they are exposed to coldness. No direct pressure can be put on  my wrist and all the way up to my elbow. I have to wear a wrist guard and a elbow guard so they is no direct pressure on the arm because the fingers will tingle and then burn. I have been to several doctors, have gotten MRI's, EMG's, x-rays had physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture. No doctor in Canada has been able to help me.

I can't nick my fingers or if it happens I'm in tear wrenching pain .. I have a very sore neck and shoulder pain...very stiff and tight. I suffer from Migraines and have a headache every day. When I was younger - 1986 I was hit by a car and had a compound fracture to my scull, so I'm not sure if over the years I was traumatized by this.
I'm frustrated and not sure if I should seek out of country help. Has anyone suffered from anything like this? I can't seem to get any answers----

I have suffered with some of these sensations moving to my left hand and suffer pin and needles in other part of the body...legs and feet.
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I'm not a doctor but I think you might have Reynaud phenomenon in your fingers. My sister has it.
As a psychologycal counselor I think your pains in neck and shoulders, might come from muscular contractions that may also produce your migrains. Try relaxation excersizes, yoga, even accupunture may be a great relief.
Hope I helped.
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Do they have a good hand or upper extremity doctor in Canada?  Sounds like this is nerve related.  I had this problem for a while and my nerve conduction study was normal, although I knew something was wrong.  Mine was not nearly as bad as yours sounds but it did go away on its own.  However maybe seeing a neurologist or an upper extremity surgeon would help give you more answers. Just because you see a surgeon doesnt mean you have to have surgery, they are just more knowledgeable and can diagnose you usually after hearing your symptoms.  I hope this helps.  good luck.
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Melissa you need some nerve conduction tests. Just to see what is going on with those horrid nerves, which are playing you up, giving you awful symptoms and feelings.

Have you been ruled out for trapped nerves?
Have you been ruled out for carpal tunnel?
Have you been ruled out for circulation?
Causing these problems.

Get some nerve conduction tests, you might find your problem when they do the test, and its a simple test too.

Good luck

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I recently had nerve conduction test done, which came all back positive. I will look into a upper extremity doctor. The last doctor I seen was the head neurologist here in Ontario.
Carpal Tunnel was ruled out as well as trapped nerves.
I work out, tried yoga and acupuncture all that have not worked.

thanks for all your feedback and suggestions.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The numbness could be due to nerve compression. This is possible at various levels. It could be due to compression of the spinal nerves at the cervical spine level or, ulnar nerve at the elbow level. Hypothyroidism, diabetes, tumors and infections of the ulnar and spinal nerves and rheumatism can all cause numbness of little and ring finger. Very cold climate, peripheral vascular disease (ruled out by duplex ultrasound and dopplar studies), panic disorder, leprosy, and alcoholic neuropathy are the other causes.
Hope these tips help. Discuss these possibilities with your treating doctor.  Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thanks I appreciate this feedback and tips.. Do I ask from my family doctors to get referrals or wait until I see the arm and hand specialist which I'm waiting to hear for an appointment date.
I would also like to know if I should just keep waiting around here in Canada or do you think I should go to the USA to pursue this agonizing problem. In Canada the wait times can be up to a year to see some specialist. Any advise?
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