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C1 Adjustment

Question.  Head pressure, dizziness, tightness and numbness in face and neck, tinnitus, stiff jaw muscles.  Right side of body weighs 18 lbs more then left side.  Right shoulder slightly higher then left shoulder.  Squeeking and crackling noises right underneath skull.  When I feel these I can move my head however I want to.  When I feel good, it wont let me for some reason.  Laying down relieves the pressure.  Pulling my shoulders down real hard relieves the pressure as well, letting go pressure comes right back instantly.  Is this a C1 or C2 subluxation problem and can it compress the spinal nerve and cause these.  Can C1 and C2 cause TMJ problems as well.  What can I do to get it fixed.  Physical Therapy, Deep Massage Therapy on neck, Neck excercises, different pillows, improving posture has not worked.  Started the day I went to a chiro in Feb for torticollis and had me hold a probably 15 lb heading pad on my shoulder.  4 hrs after that my neck was paralyzed, wouldnt move a inch and had a severe head pressure ill never forget.  Assuming a spinal nerve got pressed and ever since whatever caused that, has caused near daily problems since.   Cant live with it any longer.  How dangerous would a adjustment be if that indeed is the problem.  Lady at work has talked me into going to a very good and long time chiropractor for a consultation and tests.  Hopefully its something simple.  Just scared about the adjustment thing if it comes to that.  Shes had them done to her and her family and never had a prob though.
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In addition, I have seen 3 neuros, a ENT, a eye doctor, family doctor, a orthopedist, 3 ERs.  C spine MRI was normal.  CT scan of head was normal.  MRI with MRA was normal except tiny scattered white matter signals.  2nd MRI no change 4 months later.  Related to migraines or microvascular disease.  Blood work all normal.  Eye tests all perfect, no optic nerve problems. ENT hearing excellent and tests normal except muscle spasms with noise.  Orthopedist ask me about 5 spots if tender or not which werent.  Didnt look at MRI films I brought in.  Said something probably going on in brain.  Someone else got the same story and had hip replacement a couple months later.  So hes a idiot.  Every doctor has prescribed me Neurontin or Amitriptilyne.  I dont believe in medicene and masking problems.  I know its not in my head.  I wish there were more DemiGuises out there as doctors.  Not doing Dr's anymore.  Anyone with experience with chiropractors, homeopaethic medicene
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Hey there.  Just as I thought that maybe the PT has been happening, I go rear-ended.  I was stopped at a stop sign, and all of the sudden, BOOM, I knew that sound oh so well, being that I have already been in 2 car accidents.  I could have strangled the kid to death.  I started crying, I told him how I have been having all kinds of problems since the last one 8 years ago, and of course, what does he care, PUNK! It turns out to be my mother and father-in-laws neighbor.  Great!!!  My PT will really like me Monday, he hollers now, when he works on me, saying how tight my shoulder and neck muscles are.  Talk again.  I'm going on my heating pad, and watching the Steeler game.
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Oh jenny - I am so sorry to hear that sweetie. I hope it doesn't set you back too much. I had the same thing happen to me last year while sitting at the traffic lights - I got of and yelled at the young idiot who had done it - told him I had neck problems already and he'd likely made them much worse. Glad you've got the PT to go to - hopefully he'll help you through the first few days. Make sure you take it easy and maybe take some anti inflammitories if you can. Do you take them usually? I used to take them every day - they helped alot, but ruined my stomach so no more for me.
Best of luck Jenny - hope its OK - I'll be thinking of you.xxx
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I'm feeling really crappy today.  My neck and shoulders are really hurting and tight, and I'm starting to get a slight headache, took 2 advil, maybe that will help.  My jaw keeps tightening alot today, and then it tingles, weird.  Maybe it all has to do with the muscles, who knows.  That round-earth website is pretty self-explanatory, and really makes alot of sense.  My mom keeps telling me to go get an x-ray, but that doesn't show anything.  I'm getting really frustrated.  I think I'm going to try a pain clinic, maybe ask about some injections.  My mom has arthritis really bad in her neck, and she had the injections, they helped her alot.  I think they used lidocaine, B-12, and something else, but not cortisone.  Hope your feeling better.  I'm even thinking about trying some Lyrica, my dad had a prescription from when he had shingles.  My doc said I could try it.  I dunno.  Talk again later!!!!
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How are you doing?
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Hi Jenny - what is Lycira? you guys have totally different drug names over there, so I often don't know what people are talking about. Yeah an Xray wouldn't show anything I'd say - you need an MRI, but they need to know where to look as well. Here you can't have an MRI until you've had an xray to see if they need to go to the expense of a scan. I think I said though, that my osteopath said that the muscular/tendon/trigger point problems that he thinks I have, would not show on an MRI anyway. It frustrates me that so many people in the medical profession think that if you have a clear MRI, theres nothing wrong with you. My Doc has run lots of tests for me in the past and most come back normal, and she delivers the news by saying "the tests are clear, so theres nothing wrong" AAAAGGGGGHHHH - makes me want to hit her!!!!!!
Its my experience that if you don't fit into a neat little catagory for a dx, then you are a sorce of frustration - I know my doc must cringe when she sees my name on her list "oh god - not her again". Thank god for my neuro!
Anyway sweetie - hope you're doing better - use a heat pad on your neck as much as possible - I'm off to use mine right now xxxx
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