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Can Anyone Help Me With My Sternum Pain?

Hi.  I've been dealing with a pain in my sternum for about 6 months now. It bothers me when I sleep on my side or do anything that compresses my chest. It is not a tenderness. I can poke my sternum and ribs with a finger or multiple fingers as much as I want and feel no pain.

But, the pain can be felt at the manubriosternal joint when I use my entire hand to push down on my sternum over the manubriosternal joint.

I also sometimes get pressure around that area when I turn my torso to look behind me and there is a popping sensation which relieves the pressure.

I've been told I probably just have costochondritis, which I know is inflammation of the rib cartilage.  But I'm unsure because my ribs and sternum are not tender.  You have to forcefully apply pressure at the manubriosternal joint to feel the pain, which fades away after the pressure is removed.

Does anyone have any thoughts?  Any help is greatly appreciated!
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