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Can acupuncture for neck damage nerve in elbow and arm?

I injured myself at work from repeated and awkward lifting. I had been using a heating pad and Advil for a month for the pain. Then I woke up one morning unable to turn my head to the left. As I stepped out of bed, it felt like my head was being pushed down on my neck from above and crushing my spine. I could hardly walk and I couldn't lean forward to put on my shoes or lean over in any way. It felt like my neck muscles couldn't hold the weight. I was treated and told to rest for several days and given muscle relaxers and pain killers.

The pain continued and I was referred to physical therapy and eventually acupuncture.

After the second acupuncture treatment, I immediately cried on the way home from the elbow pain in my left arm. Note, I didn't have any pain in the elbow or arm prior, just tingling in all of my fingers and palm.

My elbow has never been right since. I have pain that radiates from my neck into the shoulder blades. My left arm feels like there is a blood pressure cuff that's too tight and my hand turns bluish while just sitting in my lap. My fingers and hand tingle, I have pain in the back of my upper arm, pain through my elbow, and pain in my forearm. I am unable to squeeze anything in my hand without pain. There is a burning pain in my shoulder blade and I'm losing the ability to use my arm with each passing day. Showering and washing myself hurts so much I come out of every shower worn out and nauseous. I can't hold weight in my hand. I can't push or pull or even open jars. When the pain and pressure is really bad it wraps around under my arm pit and through the side of my breast.

I've had a cervical MRI with "no significant disc bulges" on the report. The x-rays show military neck--straightening due to muscle spasm. The EMG was normal. I had an MRI of the left shoulder and brachial plexus without contrast, and both were normal.

My hand is blue! The pain is unbearable. I can't pet my dog without my elbow locking up and the pain surging. I can't completely extend my elbow without stiffness and pain, and I can't bend my arm up to my face without stiffness and pain.

The most notable is the elbow and forearm pain ONLY started IMMEDIATELY following the 2nd acupuncture treatment. I'm so frustrated from this pain and so frustrated with the doctors who can't find anything wrong. (These are work comp doctors btw.)

Please help. Any info is appreciated. I'm so worried that as I get worse without proper diagnosis or treatment, the damage could be permanent.
Thank you.
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