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Can anyone explain these symptoms

Ok, so I have seen a Rhuemy. My pr. felt I have Fibromyalgia..so my Rhuemy agreed. No test, mri's, x-ray's. Here is Cymbalta and Tramadol, that's it. I did start out with the widespread joint and muscle pain with trigger point. The reason i went to see the Rhuematologist almost a year ago, was because I was waking in the middle of the night iwth severe pain. I have such stiffness in my hands that it last all day. Both hands and all the same fingers. Mainly middle three although the thumb is sometimes involved. After a little while I started getting sharp pain in my fingers. Shooting from the bottom two joints and up my fingers. that was it at first but it was different than what I had before. I saw the Rhuemy once a month after. he would move a leg, then the other and press on my abdomen. 1 1/2 months into seeing him I woke one morning and coudn't bend my knees. I layed there foralmost forty -fiveminutes. Couldn't move my hands or knees.My knees felt like they were on fire from the inside out. A couple of weeks later I was at work when I felt my left elbow the worst sharp, shooting pain. Two days later my right elbow was doing the same thing. Then i got a knot above both joints(still there in the elbow) sore and shooting pain, like it was pressing on my nerves. Then it was my feet, then shoulders. I started spending Sundays in bed sleeping, I couldn't get enough sleep. 14 hours if my family would let me. I would wake use the rest room, stick my nose up to the food and back to bed. Just blahhhhh. Now I've herniated my disc and had sciatica 3 x's in the last 8 months. Is this still Fibro. I know you are not Dr.'s but from anyone else'd experience. Oh and now my family says my finger joints are horribly swollen, like I've been punching things. Anyone experience this. I've tried to google it to no availe. i have a new Rhuemy and will see him in  2 weeks, but in the meantime some answers would be great. Sorry for the novel.
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Multiple joint pains should always be investigated. Apart from fibromyalgia multiple joint pain is seen in hypothyroidism, low Vitamin D levels, Low Vit B12 levels, anemia, Hasimotos thyroiditis, gout (can sometimes cause multiple joint pain), rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, SLE, electrolyte disturbance particularly those involving calcium and magnesium, parathyroid gland problems, chondrocalcinosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Menopause or menopause like condition caused by PCOD is often associated with Vit D and calcium disturbances and hormonal disturbances causing multiple joint pain. Please talk to your doctor regarding these and get yourself examined accordingly.  Take care!
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Thank you so much for responding. I just went to the new Rhuematologist on Friday. He checked all my joints and went over my complete history. He decded to put me on an anti-inflammatory medicine and ordered blood test and x-rays of my hands, to start. I won't know anything til next week and only hope that something comes back so that I might actually get to figure this out and start to feel myself again. Nothing owrse than working full time, having 6 kids and not having the strength or being in to much pain to do anything fun with them. I try to push myself for them but still let them down. Thanks again.
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my mother has this problem actually but, it even affects her gums and teeth. and her fingers freeze up to where you have to pull them apart.what ***** is she is allergic to every known and unknown medication out there.So the doc's are getting frustrated because, she is always complaining and is rushed to emergency room where she stays for 2 weeks its that bad.sometimes your joints will just swell up.its scary looking and she has everything else you just mentioned. Unfortunately we wonder why some of these doctors are in business. I feel for you because, i know what you are going through.
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Thank you for your post. I just recently (2 days ago) found out that some of the pain in the joints in my back has been caused by severe arthritis.spondylotis(sp?) Now I am just waiting to hear about my blood test. It has been 10 days and since tommorrow is a long weekend I figured i would call them and see if they have heard anything. I am so sorry about your mother. Mine has some of the same issues as well and has had 3 back surgeries and on the hands in the last 2 years. I hope that they can figure out what is hurting your mom and at least try to help her. i wish that they would remember why they are doing what they do.I recently found a really good Dr. who is so intrigued by everything she wants to find out what is going on..so I hope she does. TTYL Heather
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