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Can concussion symptoms span over the course of 1.5/2 years later?

Hi all,

In 2018 I suffered a severe concussion, where I fell first and then a second time immediately after. I was taken to the hospital and had immediate imaging and blood work done. Things were normal and I was told to rest for a week, which I did.

We're now several years after the fact and the same area that was tender immediately following the concussion is STILL tender to the touch, with various other symptoms present. I will be going in for additional imaging in the coming weeks, but my question is, is this normal? Is it a sign of something more serious, like a brain tumor? Can concussions even cause brain tumors?

Thanks for any and all help. I'm just nervous for the imaging and possible findings, so seeking input here.
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That IS odd that you still have pain in the same area. It would make more sense to me that it is an issue on the scalp.  I think that sounds most like what you are describing.  Here's an articlSyme. https://www.healthline.com/health/scalp-tenderness  Symptoms of a brain tumor are usually such that you couldn't ignore them, vision changes, headaches, nausea and vomiting.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/brain-tumor/symptoms-causes/syc-20350084  When do you go for your imaging?
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Thank you for your input!

After reading between the two I feel a little better in that it could be scalp sensitivity as well. I do have headaches and dizziness to this day, but none of the other symptoms (beyond my vision, which I need glasses anyway so I don't think is quite what they are describing.)

An appointment actually opened up earlier this week, so I took it and we reviewed the results this morning. There is no tumor or cancerous growth that they can see. However, there is ... nondescript hyperdensities that are not commonly seen on someone in their mid to late twenties. They are more commonly seen in the elderly, multiple sclerosis patients, people who suffer migraines and 1/3rd of people who have suffered concussions.

Though I feel better about the tumor and whatnot, now I'm worried there is something developing.:(
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I can tell you from personal experience that a concussion can leave you with a variety of neurological issues for over a year. I had a severe concussion appr. 5 years ago. I hit the base of my skull against a metal storage rack. I did not fall unconscious but had to immediately rest as I was feeling off. I actually tried to not fall asleep as I was worried about internal bleeding. The biggest problem was that the day after was moving day and I was unable to do the one thing that's absolutely paramount after a concussion, rest and no physical activity. My neurological issues were debilitating for over a year. My primary care provider told me to not lose patience and that the first signs of improvement will come after a year. My prior migraines became more frequent. I had severe vertigo. I couldn't comprehend what I was reading and had difficulty articulating myself. When I was scrolling the screen of my phone I felt like I was falling over. I could not walk without feeling like I was in an elevator that was dropping at a high speed and had difficulty walking straight. Any high impact activity like jumping was unbearable. Even now, when I'm stressed, I have occasional vertigo but it took me at least 2 years to feel somewhat normal again. Traumatic brain injury can be debilitating and a long recovery period. I never expected this to happen and always underestimated how it can impact your life. I never had a brain scan done post concussion - only prior due to my migraines. Just sharing this based on my personal experience. Everyone is different. I think the fact that you had imaging done, and nothing severely abnormal was found is good but also, don't shy away from getting a second opinion.
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