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Can depression cause dizziness???

I posted a question earlier about dizziness and facial pressure on 6/2/02. My head feels like it is floating ALL the time and I have major pressure in my eyes, across my brow and in my cheeks just under my eyes.  I have been to 7 doctors. I've had my blood pressure checked, blood sample taken, an EKG was done. I have been to an ears nose and throat doctor. I
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Have you a  thyroid problem? Are you hormones balanced? You may suffer from migraine?  Just asking. Also when does it happen? I don't like anti-depressants at all and just because you want a solution to a problem doesn't make you depressed it makes you mad when a doctor doesn't want to help. I had to demand tests, I had doctors laugh at me and all. I thought I would die. I have an autoimmune disease with hashimotos/hypothyroid discovered only after a complete and total blood/vitamin/mineral test. Don't feel down find another doctor who is willing to do the research, you know your body and what is not normal.
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Ya, I
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All the T's? for thyroid. Have you had your eyes checked. You don't always have to have a headache to feel migraine it is mostly pressure. You also said your blood pressure is normal. A cup of coffee or garlic can change your blood pressure. Garlic lowers, Coffee increases. You can have dizzy spells from stress too. Try and relax your face muscles and then tighten them do it 4 or 5 times. Smell some rose or lavendar oil. It will help you relax. Frustration is a good reason to cry.... YOu said this started last August. Did something happen at the time do you remember? Do they happen are standing up from sitting, in the morning, at night. sorry a lot of questions I know but I am trying to understand. Also is there a family history of anything connected with dizzy spells.?
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Just to answer some of the questions.  I am not a big fan of garlic and I don
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There's about a 100 reasons for dizziness, so you should rule out some serious medical problems before a dx of depression. I would push for an MRI if I were you. If your doctor won't write the script, go to a different one. For your own peace of mind you should get things ruled out.
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Sorry I know you are frustrated. My mother had cancer, then chemo, put on weight 2 months later eats for pain relief,felt very sick. Went to the hospital they wouldn't accept her and laughed at her because they said you have to be skinny to have cancer. After one month she found another doctor 200kms away. Put her in hospital opened her up and gave her 6 weeks to live. She died. I know your frustrated, angry and hurt. Push them for the MRI. You don't drink coffee but one cup a day can increase your blood pressure slightly and may stop a dizzy spell. My husbands blood pressure shows normal but he gets dizzy all day and after a coffee he is okay. He doesn't drink coffee either. Really try to relax and deal with doctors calmly it helps to get what you want done. I have the same problems with doctors they are 2 steps behind me as I listen to my body and it tells me what I need getting them to give me what I need takes a long time sometimes and not then. I turned to alternative medicine instead. I wish you luck in your pursuit... and hope your dizzyness does reside. Take care!
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