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Can my anxiety cause my constant 24-7 symptoms.

I am 35 female . I have been very sick with test coming back normal. Testing did confirm sinus node tacychardia with normal rhythmn. I also have gastroparesis and low vitamin d (25). THis is all that has been confirmed . Doctor thinks its anxiety. I have extreme fast pulse, except when sleeping . Its 55-65. When calm lying down 70. When sitting 80-100 and when standing always around 100 or more shoots to 130 while walking upstairs. I am fatigued and tired most days with shortness of breath, I feel like I am elderly I also get heart paliptations I am also very dizzy most days and I do have low blood pressure 100/65 usually sometimes 115/70. Can anxiety cause you to feel rundown and out of shape, can it cause fainting spells?? Please help give me any insight on my symptoms.
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Do you have chronic anxious thoughts?  If you don't think anxious thoughts, you're not suffering from anxiety.  While anxiety does come with lots of different symptoms in different people, they do have to be anxious people first.  You don't mention anxious thinking.  Low Vitamin D alone if significant can cause a lot of stuff.  Thyroid problems can cause all this.  There are many things that can cause it.  If you don't suffer from chronic anxious thinking that is bad enough to cause a lot of avoiding and fear, enough to be this traumatic to your system, probably not that.  No matter what, though, anxiety can be caused by physiological problems.  You might benefit from a better doctor or seeing specialists.  Some docs like to attribute everything they can't easily figure out to anxiety.  Maybe it is, can't tell from what you've posted, but even anxious people get sick.  I'd keep trying to find an answer before giving up.
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I do practice a lot of avoidance . I am afraid to pass out so I avoid going places lately . It’s almost agoraphobic . I avoid situations that don’t have immediate help . So yes I think from not feeling well it has caused me to be anxious . However growing up I was very ocd and anxious . So yes anxiety is in my blood .
Then yes, it's possible it's anxiety.  It's also possible it's not, which is why I encourage you to see a doctor who will take the time to do a very thorough exam on you.  But if you have a history of anxiety, and are currently avoiding, and it's because you're sick, the problem still is you're sick.  If it's because you're anxious, then that's the problem you need treatment for with a therapist.  If you see another doctor and get a very thorough exam and get the same conclusion you have to assume it's anxiety and treat the anxiety.  If you find you have a physiological condition creating the problems you treat that.  Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms.  Which ones differ a lot by the person and also by the length of time one suffers from it.  If it is anxiety it's best to get on top of it quickly.  
I’m getting a second opinion from another doctor, also seeing a cardiologist . If everything is ruled out I will seek meds.  I am already currently seeing a therapist . Thank you for taking the time to respond . I appreciate it
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