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Can opiate painkillers have improved my vision?

Hi there.   I've been having many health issues that would take me ages to describe now but I'd like to know if anyone can shed light on this recent incident.   I've just started taking a painkiller called Lamaline which is prescribed in France where I live.   It contains paracetomol, opium and caffeine.   One of my biggset issues over quite a few years has been my eyes.   I've had muscular problems that have created convergeance and double vision and huge problems focusing my eyes and keeping them focused.   Yesterday I took one Lamaline tablet to help with severe joint pain, this morning I took a second tablet.   The pain is overall slightly less but I'm really surprised that my vision seems so much better.    It's been a long time since my vision has been so clear.   O.K., it doesn't last that long but there's definately a difference.   Anyone have any ideas how the opium might have improved my vision?    I know it's not the paracetomol because I've taken that on it's own for a long time and it won't be the caffeine.  Thanks.   Frank
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Generally, drugs classified as opioids will constrict pupils when the drug is ingested. During use, opioids tend to stimulate the parasympathetic nerve and cause constricted pupils.
The resulting visual phenomenon is known as the "pinhole" effect.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Niko, that's very interesting.   Something I knew nothing about at all.   The question is, what's going to be the best way of my handling this.   It's great to have clear vision for a while but I don't suppose I should be taking this medication on a long-term basis, as each of the ingredients is damaging in some way.
I've recently seen an article about cannabis oil that appears to work for some people who suffer from chronic pain and have had huge relief from the pain but no other side effects.   This is cannabis oil that has had the "addictive" element removed so is perfectly legal and, apparently, works very well.   Do you have any idea whether this may have the same effect on the eyes as, I believe, it's not an opiate?  

Thanks for your help either way.
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The CBD cannabis oil, has many therapeutic properties, while lacking the narcotic effects, present in the THC cannabis oil.
The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD-for your purposes-would be substantial, however, regarding the vision improvement and CBD, there's no research data  to go by.
I would suggest you ask your Ophthalmologist, if cholinergic eye drops would be safe as a pupil constrictor
Hope this helps,
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