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Can someone play Dr. House and diagnose my symptoms?

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: White
Duration of complaint: ~7 weeks

BP 132/81 (mm Hg)
Pulse Ox 98 (%)
HR 92 (/min)
Temp 98 (F)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140lbs

Current medications: Clarithromycin, Meloxicam

Therapeutic Injections received:
Ceftriaxone given on 08/05/2016 and 08/10/2016
Depo-Medrol given on 08/05/2016 and 08/10/2016
Diagnoses Includes: Inflamed papillae, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Post-nasal drip (colored), Joint pain, lymphadenopathy (neck), Cephalalgia

notes: mono test = negative strep test = negative

Patient comments:
Woke up one morning about 7 weeks ago with a single inflamed taste bud (Circumvallate) and a minor sore throat. I ignored the symptoms for about 4 weeks before seeing a doctor, and over these 4 weeks my papillae became more and more swollen (I have strawberry tongue right now) and I gained an increasing amount of post nasal drip. When I first went to the doctor, I was given 2 injections (listed above) and a prescription for a Z-pack. I came back to the doctor 5 days later after finishing my meds because they had no effect on my symptoms. I was then given the same 2 shots and prescribed a 10 days course of Clarithromycin(which I just finished yesterday). Over the last week or so, my symptoms have gotten mildly worse. My tongue is in constant mild pain, and the swelling has gotten so bad (although it doesn't hurt that bad) at points that it has developed lacerations on the side and started bleeding. Also, I started having joint pains in my knees, hips, and knuckles about 8 days ago. So basically, where we stand right now is I have an upper respiratory infection that is on the verge of chronic, getting increasingly worse (albeit still mild), is not responding to antibiotics, and is unlikely to be linked to any kind of allergies.
I'm going to be making another doctor's appointment eventually, but what should I be prepared for when I go back? Also, if anyone has any idea what could be causing these symptoms I'd really like to know.
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Hello~I am sorry you are having all these issues. Has your doctor ordered a tests for immune system response? Has he suggested possible chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or even mono? I would certainly ask him about these tests.
Candida is another issue that comes to my mind, it is a type of gut yeast infection, it can cause the symptoms you are having, and, the more antibiotics you take, the worse it can get as the fungus feeds on these drugs. Try adding a good, high potency pro-biotic supplement until you get more info from your physician, also, cut  back on the yeast, wheat and sugar foods.
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