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Can someone please advise me on my symptoms

For about 6 months I have been experiencing cold sweats, shakes, hot night sweats, low appetite, and more recently have been getting diarrhoea and vomiting. My GP has done blood tests which they said were fine, I ended up going to A&E where they said I had a UTI but antibiotics haven’t helped my symptoms. My GP won’t listen to me and says there’s nothing wrong with me and that I probably just have excessive sweating and has referred me to a skin specialist, but I know that the way I’m feeling isn’t a skin problem, I feel like I can’t leave my bed I’m so weak and cold and constantly soaked through with sweat
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What about something like Whipple Disease? It causes nausea, low appetite, night sweats and stuff. Do you have floating stools? That's a sign of it too. It's a rare disease but who knows
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I’m not sure about floating stool but I’ve had diarrhoea for the last month
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Are you on any medications, especially new ones?  And you definitely need to see a better doctor, as it's possible you have a virus or infection that's hard to find and your doc isn't going to look.  I assume you were tested for covid more than once?
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I’m on Sertraline and the pill but the symptoms have been here months before I started them :( I tried so hard to convince the doc to do more tests but they just got angry at me, and I’m struggling to get registered elsewhere because I can’t go in person and I don’t have the means to send the forms...I have an appointment with the skin specialist they referred me to so maybe they will listen to me! Thanks for your response
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