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Can strokes heal in 3 months where no signs would show on CT scan?

Started feeling weird back in december, fatique, headaches, weakness, trouble spelling, etc..etc. Had Ct scan in march, results came back normal, is it possible for to me to had a stroke and it heal completely in 3 months, to where it would not be detected? Also, had mri done in june..results came back normal as well.
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Strokes do not heal they leave damage. A stroke damages part of the brain and leave signs such as speech problems, motor deficits, limb weakness, disturbances of consciousness or paralysis of one side of the face, where one side of the face will smile and the other side will not.
The part of the brain that is deprived of blood dies and can no longer function. With a stroke blood is prevented from reaching brain tissue when a blood vessel leading to the brain becomes blocked or bursts. There are several types of strokes.

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So it defiantely show then, right?
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As someone who just talked with doctors and nurses following my father's accident and CAT scan, I can assure you that there would be an area on the cat scan that would show a stroke, or "infarct". We were unaware my Dad ever had a stroke in the past, but they nonchalantly spoke of what they saw, "a history of a stroke, right ganglia infarct". We were shocked, although he did recently lose his taste and smell to a significant degree.

They showed us the spot that showed the area of the stroke, where it occurred. Although some strokes leave no damage at all, which was the case for my Dad, you will still be able to see on a cat scan that they occurred, from what I have been told. We are also thinking that his sensory loss could have come from long-term alcohol abuse. He is recovering some of that loss. He was also told that the stroke may have been an isolated incident and it was "old", happened probably about 2-3 years ago.
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