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Can this be Shingles with no rash yet and never having Chicken-pox before.

It’s been 4 days now and I’m still having “severe” pain in my back & it Hurts & has had me in tears. I woke up Saturday morning like this for NO reason at all, I’ve done nothing different to pull or strain any muscles.
It’s in my spine/tail bone area and it has also sent a burning feeling into my left groin a lot.
Not knowing what this was I tried tiger balm and Robax Platinum.
I took one pill at first and it didn't help any pain, then an hour and a half later I took another on; as it says take one to two.
It says not to take if you have high blood pressure; it isn't high while I'm on my medication for it. So I was careful and tried one at first.
Didn't help, I laid in bed for approx an hour, then came out of the bedroom still in pain.

Then I had a hot/warm bath to try and help.
Had more put more tiger balm on me to see if it helps and it did for awhile but the pain came back.

Last night I finally gave in and agreed to go to the hospital, I was so afraid they would keep me but they didn’t.

I had no idea what they would tell me this was, then the doctor saw some redness on my back and is thinking its Shingles or kidney stones.
He’s trying the shingle meds first, muscle spasm meds and nerve meds:
Gabapentin 300mg
Baclofen 10mg

The morning the redness was not there, it could have been anything, like from my bath or heating pad, not sure.
I am just keeping an eye on my left mid back to see if any rash appears and then I will fill the script I was given for shingles.

Just wanted you input or any info anyone may know of on this, my whole family swears that I have “never” had Chicken-pox before which also has me Very confused.
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Do you have a fever with the spinal pain?  Is your neck stiff?

Did the doctor order any pictures of your spine- an x-ray or MRI, for example?

Did you tell the doctor you have not history of having had the chicken pox?  

Did he order urine testing to check for blood in it, order an IVP(intravenous pyelogram) or a sonogram of your kidneys regarding his kidney stone theory?

Gabapentin is a drug for nerve pain- a former neighbor of mine was prescribed that for post shingles pain.

Baclofen is a muscle relaxant, so it seems the doctor thinks muscles may be involved in your pain- is it possible you did something in your sleep that you might not be aware of?

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Hi and ty so much for commenting, I feel so lost and in severe pain.
I don't have a doctor here yet so it was the hospital; the doctor there did "nothing", other then spot a small reddish mark on my mid left side of my back.
He jumped all over Shingles even when I explained I've never had chicken-pox.

He pushed a very tiny bit on my spine and that was it, wasn't even going to take my BP until I said I need to know, as I am on meds for high BP. I am 48 yrs old in case anyone is curious.

I have not had any fever, nor felt like I was sick or getting the flu and no stiff neck.
The only thing getting stiff now is my legs due to I walk funny b/c of the pain.
The doctor did not order "any" test or do an  x-ray, MRI and no urine test, "absolutely nothing"!
He gave me a second prescription, assuming the blisters would come out, to fill later, they didn't and any reddish color is not even noticeable.
I do not believe that I have done anything different or slept any different Friday March 1st. I am not even working right now.
It's now been 5 days and no letting up of this.

I believe I've been diagnosed wrong and I will be returning tomorrow evening when my other half finishes work.
Since this has started I am very emotional, possibly due to the pain and not knowing why or what is happening &  I am not usually like this at all .

Please let me know why you asked about these certain tests and I will make sure I take them with me when I return to see if these tests are needed.
I do not like how they make my head confused, etc.
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I asked about fever and stiff neck with spinal meningitis in mind, but you have neither, so you likely don't have that.

You spoke of pain in your spine/tailbone area, so it makes sense with severe pain in that specific area to get some pictures of the area.

From my understanding you don't get shingles later on unless you first have had the chicken pox and have that virus lying dormant in your body.

Since you mentioned the doctor suspected kidney stones, it would make sense for him to order a urine test to see if there was blood due to damage from the stone(s) and an I.V.P. or a sonogram of the kidney to look for stones.

You said you woke up Saturday morning, which would lay suspicion at the door that you might have done something you were not aware of while sleeping that led to the pain you woke up with.

I hope you will have a better doctor for your return trip to the hospital!
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Hi again,

Well, I was not able to go up to the hospital as planned, but the good news is that my severe pain started to be less and less. Today has been a good day and it seems it's on it's way out, fingers crossed.
Any redness on my back went away totally.

So I would also have to agree with your last paragraph that I must have done something during my sleep that led me to all this pain for 7 days.
Which I am very grateful for, but still angry at the lack of professionalism by the doctor at the hospital by not doing an examination on me or "any tests at all".
When I do contact him, I will be letting him know all this information.

Thank you so much for your caring words and questions, I have enjoyed watching for your reply.
You are a wonderful person.

God Bless
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I'm so glad you are feeling better than you were!  I do hope soon the pain will be only a memory.  You are kind- I am blessed by God to have been of help!
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