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Cannot find cause for this pain

I am glad I found this forum! I am 63 years old, so past menopause.Two and a half years ago (January 2006), I was checked out for a left lower pelvic pain. It was/is not an acute pain...just nagging most of the time, sometimes shifts to centre but mostly remains left side. Sometimes makes leg ache. Does not interrupt sleep at night.  Had transvaginal ultrasound and CA125 as well as usual gynae check up, with no significant findings.

Pain persisted and four months later I went back to doctor who ordered CT scan which showed I had follicular lymphoma, but higher in abdomen, in the mesentery. Had lymph nodes biopsied and treatment for lymphoma started. Pain went away even before treatment.  Six months later when cancer treatment ended, pain returned and I was sent for a colonoscopy which showed no problems in colon.

Since then (January 2007) I had no pain in lower left side of pelvis until about a month ago, when it returned. Had a CT scan last week for lymphoma followup and nothing shows up in pelvis (none of my 5 CT scans have shown any pelvic problems).

It is not a terrible pain but tires me somewhat. Otherwise I feel fine! Any ideas, please?
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How is your diet?  Have you monitored it to see if it is having an effect on the pain?
With your history you should be consuming high antioxidant level foods.  There is a new super food that has the highest antioxidant level than any other fruit tested.  E-mail me and I will tell you about it.

Hope to hear from you,
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Some of the causes of pelvic pain (other than the ones that have been investigated)are chronic fatigue syndrome,inflammatory bowel disease,fibromyalgia,hypothyroidism,subphrenic abscess,splenic conditions,carcinoid syndrome,chronic pancreatitis,reffered pain from the iliac region or some bowel malignancy.

Pls discuss these possibilities with your doctor and get them ruled out.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Sorry you're in pain.

The pain went away before the diagnosed conditions were treated, which does lead to the question of whether they were causing it!

It is possible to have more than one problem and your pain may be from something unrelated to your doctor's findings, as indicated by kindd.

I would also because of your age suspect either hip or lumbar spine involvement, as there is almost inevetably degeneration (starts from our thirties even).  This may be referred pain from a lower back problem or arthritis.   Often pelvic pain is referred from the back, leg or knee pain can be referred from the hip.  By referred I mean the problem is in one area, but felt in another.  

I am glad your doctor is on top of your clinical findings, but given the seeming lack of relationship between these findings and your symtpoms you need further assessment.

  At the very least an x-ray of your pelvis and back, better an MRI, which can show more detail.  Bone spot scans can check for increased activity within the bones, which ususally mean arthritis, but can indicate infection.  A full bone density scan will show you whether osteoptorosis is developed or not (are you on HRT?)  Bear in mine a bone scan is a high dose radiation procedure and like MRIs not for the claustrophobic!

Pain is tiring, but again other things also cause fatigue.  My point is don't assume anything.  Be diplomatic with your doctor, explaining how you feel concerned about the ongoing nature of the pain, and ask if there could be something going else going on, given your age.  Hopefully this will make them consider some of the above.  Most doctors still get uncomfortable with patients suggesting diagnoses, even though the world has changed so much and we can all research our problems online.  So tread carefully with how you bring this up.  There is regrettably a tendency with some doctors to stop looking once they find something, and this may have happened here.  The finding was a crucial one, and the treatment necessary, but I think you feel in yourself this is not the whole story.  

I am talking as someone who is much younger than you, had pelvic pain and a diagnosed condition which could be causing it, but still with relentless but necessary  persistance got it looked at further.  Finally it has been established that I have spinal disease, still being assessed to the extent, and possibly a systemic arthritic condition, again ongoing as I speak regards to diagnosis.  It took me years to get even the first diagnosis, being so young.  Then when I pursued my problems further I was sent up several wrong paths, again over some years.  Now, needing morphine daily just to move, walking with a cane and with several unpleasant neurological problems, I am finally getting looked at more comprehensively.  As a very fit young person it was hard to accept that it took such a deterioration to get to this point.  If you are still enjoying full mobility, please try to nip this problem in the bud if there is more going on.  At your time of life you need to move quickly on this, being post menopausal leads to more risk factors, as you may well.

I hope you get answers and get well

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I do agree that the problem is probably totally unrelated to the lymphoma and it feels as if it is either a bowel problem (ruled out by colonoscopy) or ovary problem (ruled out by ultrasound)! Interesting to note, wish, that my latest scan but no previous ones, show that "Bone window shows degenerative changes. Mild retrolisthesis of L5 over S1 vertebra is seen with reduced height of intervening disc space. " Not sure where these vertebrae are though! And why would the pain be to one side, rather than in the centre of pelvis? I agree that more investigation is needed and thank you all for your comments and advice.

Wish, I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain and disability.
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The diagnosis can be there in the latest bone scan itself.You seem to be having a degenerative disc disease.Between two vertebrae is an intervertebral disc which acts as a cushion for the two.When this cushion is lost,the bony ends of two vertebrae(L5 and S1) rub on each other causing pain in the back which can radiate to the pelvis,groins and legs.

So maybe the cause of the pelvic pain is degenerative discs.I feel that you should consult an orthopedician in this matter.You can learn more about this disease from the following website: http://www.allaboutbackandneckpain.com/html/spine_lumbar/spine_lumbar_ddd.html

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Many thanks for your advice and the link to that website, which is very informative. I will let you know how things go.
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