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Cannot sleep unless dead tired and disturbed sleep


I am a male 40 years with slight hypertension for which I am taking S-Numlo 5 (S-Amlodipine 5 mg). My height is 5 feet 10 inches, weight is 75 kg.
I had bad asthma for 2 years which was treated with asthalin inhaler but I no longer have it nor do I use the inhaler or any other medication for asthma.
I am a software engineer by profession. Fitnesswise - I can do about 40 pushups and jog for 30 minutes non stop.

I have two problems - dry skin and insomnia, listing them both since I am not sure if they are related.

The dry skin problem is nothing new I have had dry skin (extreme dandruff) on scalp,
beard, etc. but the problem has gotten worse lately.
lately the skin under chin becomes reddish (raw) easily after shaving and burns slightly.

The other major problem is that I seem to only be able to sleep when I am extremely tired (been without sleep for long time), I also get disturbed sleep,
Many times I go to bed at 11 pm but only get sleep at around 4 am, I then wake up at around 1.30 pm.
I get very realistic dreams and disturbed sleep, nose gets blocked at night sometimes.
After waking up - I dont feel very rested, I have difficulty concentrating, eye lids feel heavy, lazy.
I saw a doctor who conducted some tests for the sleep issue.
According to the tests - Vitamin, E, D count is low, triglyceride and esinophil count is slightly high. Bp, Sugar, ecg, thyroid are normal.
The doctor recommended vitamin D, E supplements and some tablets for the esinophil which I completed the entire course.
Another doctor recommended sertagress - 25 (Sertaline HCL 25 mg) and Ativan 1 mg (lorazepam 1 mg) tablets which I took for 6 months
but they were not helping, had nasty side effects and I still had sleep issues, thus I tapered them off over 3 months.
I am no longer taking sertagress or any sleep medicine.
During school time the doctor diagnosed sleep issue to be caused by high blood pressure (hypertension)
He recommended S-Numlo 5 (S-Amlodipine 5 mg) tablets which I am taking even now and since 15 years. My blood pressure is almost always around 130-90.
the aggravagated insomnia problem is there for almost 2 years now.

Recent health checkup reports are present in the url below.

Please advise me. I will be most grateful if something works.

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