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Cause of chronic leg pain?

Hello, im currently out of the USA on a world trip and have been having chronic leg pain due to my lifting my heavy luggage. i normally lift it on my left side. So when i walk around my backside or buttocks area hurts dead center left side, my lower back of my calf muscle hurts and the outside of my ankle hurts. Its been hurting a few months now, even when im not lifting anything, just walking sitting or riding my bicycle. i normally try to limit my movement to less than say 500 feet in a day and limit my cycling activities

what do you think is the cause and whats the cure? thanks
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Can't know what it is, but there are some possibilities.  It could be you strained your periformis muscle which is part of the hip complex but is above your buttocks.  When it's inflamed you can affect your sciatic nerve, which runs over it.  I got it riding a bike and can't ride one anymore, it just comes back.  There are stretches for it.  So that's one possibility.  Diagnosis is really hard, it's by eliminating everything else such as pain radiating from your lower back or any number of hip problems.  You could also just be fatigued from all that cycling and walking and toting heavy luggage around.  Odd time to be on a world tour given the corona virus.  Didn't know you would even be allowed to enter many countries.  It could also be exactly what you think, and the cure would be to change the way you lift your luggage.  When you travel the world, you don't usually take heavy luggage, you travel light because of this kind of thing.  Backpacks are great.  Wheels on luggage save a lot of wear and tear.  Not taking a lot of stuff is what experienced travelers do to avoid this kind of problem.  If it's from that, only rest will fix it, which would put a damper on your trip.  Some stretching might help.  Make sure you're getting sufficient water and electrolytes.  But again, if you're right and it's the way you lug your luggage around, give some stuff away, only keep what you absolutely need, and alter the way you're carrying your luggage.
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Thanks a lot for your advisement, that might be it thanks. it seems as though whenever i get on my bicycle which i brought from the USA it seems re aggravate the pain so i may have to curtail that. also when i move my stuff from one airbnb to another that doesnt help thats for sure.

I used to have two very large bags which weighed 65 lbs, and 50 lbs plus the bicycle and laptop bag, now i bought another one so the weight is more evenly distributed like 40, 40, 35, bicycle, laptop so thats much easier.

i actually left the USA in december so ive been gone awhile since its now june and im waiting in cambodia until the border crossing are once again available.
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