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I am a man aged 43years. If I am in need of passing stool and it so happens that it is not convenient and therefore delay doing so chances are that I will experience stomach discomfort, accompanied with pain at times, then sweating profusely and then faint and if still standing fall down badly. I get relief, even though very slowly, when i sit on a toilet basin to pass stool which is oftenly of a running nature. The first time this happened i was aged 15 years when i collapsed during a school parade. The worst happened very late last year when I could not manage a single word to call my wife next door but could only clap my hands while I sat on the basin to relief myself. I felt like the time to cross over to be with my Father in Heaven had suddenly come.  Last Sunday 20 February 2011, I had a similar experience while attending sunday mass.  I left in the middle when I could before I fainted. The following Monday, for the first time ever,  I sought medical help on this condition and Betaserc 8 was prescribed for me. Iam still on this medication.
What ails me?
What are the causes? Was my case diagnonized correctly? Is it curable or is it a case of Management only.
Please help me.

Kenquest, Nairobi, Kenya.
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Generally the symptoms you describe—a pressure in abdomen as though you need to pass stool, loose stool, pain, fainting are due to inflammatory bowel disease (IBS, Croghn’s, celiac, food intolerance etc) and accompanying vasovagal attack.
I suggest you consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
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My goodness! I'm so sorry to hear of these troubles and that you have had to live with this for so long.

When you went to seek medical attention, did they tell you what they were giving you the medication for? It sounds to me as if your body has difficulty properly digesting food and then wasting. It could be diverticulosis--where the pockets of the digestion tract is inflammed allowing some food stuff to get stuck there...do you have waist or stomach pains along with this? If so, perhaps your gallbladder needs to be removed. Sometimes the shape of the gallbladder can be irregular, allowing gallstones to pass--making it very hard to have a bowel movement. Does the medication make you feel better atleast?

Oh, how I wish I could be of better assistance :(
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Thanks. I can sense some help. I was told the medication was meant to stabilize the condition I had described. I can not recall hearing any technical term. Ordinarily, I do not experience what may be described as pain, just discomfort bordering on the extreem, but during the worst experience noted in my question it was  a case of real pain. Please note I am always 'normal' until the attack. As such I may not be able to tell about the efficacy or otherwise of the medication but  Iam feeling some dizziness at the moment.

Once again thanks.

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Good Morning,
Thanks. I will heed to your advise. If your diagnosis is correct, can the condition be cured?

May God bless you.
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Sounds like the lining in your colon is a little clogged.  When the colon is clogged, it is hard for your intestines to break down the food that you eat, because their is some gook sticking to/on your digestive track, which causes constipation, runny stool, dizziness, headaches, and to some point, nausea.  here is how to fix the problem.  you need to get your hands on some"COLON CLEANSER". Colon Cleanser is an  "HERBAL HIGH FIBER AND GRAIN" powder, that you mix with water and drink.  It cleanses the colon and digestive tract. drink that with plenty of green vegetables, for the two of them working together will clean your colon...

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stop taking the medication for a while, and cleanse your colon with the colon cleanser.  
you will feel the "DRAMATIC" results...
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