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Chest Pain

I'm 16 years old, I weigh 120 pounds and in ok shape. For the last 8 months I've been having bad chest pains, mostly around my sternum. I randomly will get them about once a week and they would only last about 4 hours. Now they have been lasting 8 or so hours and been happening more offen. It feels like I have someone crushing my sturnum. Besides that it gets very hard to breathe through my mouth when it happens.
People have said its cause of junk food but I dont drink pop or eat tons of junk food or fast food. What should i do?
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Hey, I am also a 16 year old teenager from New Delhi and I am also facing the same problem....I have had this pain from the last 2-3 days but today when I returned from a football game in morning, it had grown by 100 times...Its really bad, like someone is crushing my chest or as if someone has driven a stake through it...
Its on the right side of my chest, just next to sternum in an area of about 2 cm......Please tell me also if you get any breakthrough!!
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it could be anxiety, next time it happens try to breathe as deeply through your nose then out your mouth for several min to see if it helps, if it don't make an appt. with your doctor.
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Even though you are so young, the first things to be ruled out a heart condition by a 12 lead EKG, tread mill test, ECHO and angiogram. Apart from this severe anemia or an asthmatic chest condition could be the cause. It can also be severe acidity. In case you are stressed out due to something, then it can even be anxiety related.
I suggest you consult your PCP for primary examination to find the cause. You will need blood test for anemia and pulmonary function tests apart from heart evaluation.
Take care!
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