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Chest pains -> Random pains


^ Continued from there

2 years later and my entire life savings later.. I found out what was wrong. "I" not all the 384 doctors i've been to.

1/2 of them told me it was anxiety, and that it was all IN MY HEAD.


I had to leave my job due to not being able to perform, due to nervous breakdowns from the chest pains....

So i had a lot more time to "feel" my body. To figure out WHAT was causing it.. what was happening... what may be causing it..

My belly is rumbly. a lot. My friend from 3rd grade suggested Prilosec.. i tried it. My chest pains went down by 80%, but that was NOT enough...

I demanded an upper GI be done, and so they did it. It came back saying hiatal hernia / possible other GERD thing ~ SO~ i did some research, and it says that acidic foods can contribute to this..

So i cut out acid foods. No acidic fruits, and no tomato or tomato-related foods. I also cut out pop, since I seemed to be very burp-y when  i had the chest pains too.

2 weeks 100% chest pain free.

Best 2 weeks of my life.

but now, new symptoms pop up.. Which don't help my anxiety at all. It's true, I'm a very nervous and paranoid person. I've had 4 panic attacks in my life - worst thing EVER.

So after 2 weeks of feeling like i can CONQUER THE WORLD, new symptoms pop up....

My belly is still EXTREMELY rumbly.

I feel bubbly a lot.. Not sure if its in my throat or not, but it feels like its BEHIND my throat. it's more bubbly when i lay down. like I can HEAR the bubbles come up. It's not in the same spot when I burp, it feels like its higher, and behind..  I also will feel bubbly in my legs... which may be muscle twitches, I dont know..

My head has had RANDOM pains, like.. it will RANDOMLY hurt, and be pressurized for 3-30 seconds.. usually on the top left side, but can be anywhere.  This sort of thing has been going on for a long time, but it seems to be a daily occurrence for the past 3 days-ish :(

On the plus side, my chest pains are still almost nonexistant. I might have a little bit of pressure or a small pain here or there, but it's not NEAR as bad as they were. It might just be that i'm laying/sitting at a weird angle or something now.

I'm on Lisinopril for my blood pressure (it's around 140/80 with pulse of 90-100 When I'm not a nervous wreck)
and Omeprazole magnesium for the acid-ness.
I take a multivitamin.
I dont drink coffee, alcohol, or any other drugs or cigarettes.

I literally, don't have any money to go to the doctors anymore... and they won't let me into the free clinic unless I have an address in this county. The county my address is in doesn't have a free clinic.

Even though I have a really hard time working, I have still been LOOKING for more work, to no avail. Even with 4 new businesses opening lately, noone has called me back...

Does anyone know if doctors offices have some sort of charity service or perhaps "Do paperwork for treatment" sort of thing?

The local "Mental Health Counceler" people i go to give me free treatment because I dont have a job. I went there because my previous doctor was one that said the chest pains were "in my head" so i did it to appease him. My counselor said I'm fine.

I called the local hopsital, and they said that they can scale down payments based upon income, but that doesn't help me unless i go into the ER, since I cant get into the hospital without a doctor..

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated!

Hope everyone had a great holiday

Thanks <3

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Oh i cant figure out how to edit my post :/

Anyway another thing thats been bothering me the past few days is, I've been INCREDIBLY cold, even with the heat turned up to 75-80, it feels more like 65...

and when I go outside, it's around 25-30, but feels more like 10. :z

not sure if its related or not.
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