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Chronic Breast Pain

My daughter began developing chronic and intense breast pain around the age of 14.  It began when she developed multiple cysts in one of her breast as well as mastitis.  Those were aspirated and she has not developed any since the first onset.  She was fine for about six months after the cysts first developed.  She then began having chronic burning pain in her breast.  Thinking she was had more cysts, I took her back to her breast care specialist.  An ultrasound revealed no cysts.  This has been going on almost three years.  The pain comes and goes at no particular time during her cycles.  The pain is debilitating.  I have seen her in so much pain that she sweat and vomits.  The specialist put her on Vitamin E and Evening Primrose. They also put her on the pill and told her she would probably "out grow" the pain when her hormones leveled out.  I recently had someone tell me that they were low in Vitamin D and the doctor told her it was wrecking havoc with her hormones. I googled it and started reading about the pain it causes. I am wondering if this could be the key to my daughter's problems. Could the pain be manifesting in her breast which sometimes radiates to her back.  She has celiacs disease and vitiligo.  She also has a milk allergy so she does not have dairy in her diet.  Because she is lacking pigment in her skin, we are careful about her being in the sun too long.  I am searching for answers because this pain is robbing her of her life and "carefree" teenage years.  Any suggestions?

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Generally breast pain that comes and goes and disappears in between is due to fibroadenosis. This is a benign condition and often there is no lump associated with it. It is often a symptom of pre menstrual syndrome. It generally responds to drugs like Danazol. Pain felt primarily under left breast is often due to acidity and gastric reflux. Low Vit D and  anemia too can cause pain that appears to come from breast. It can also be due to costochondritis. Make your daughter wear good support bras, eat healthy and avoid excess salt intake and excess caffeine.
Please consult a gastroenterologist and an orthopedic specialist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thank you for your response.  Unbelievably, fibroadenosis is a condition that has never been mentioned or explained during our multiple visits to breast care specialists.  We have an appointment with a new ob/gyn group next Monday.  I will talk to the doctor about of the conditions you mentioned.  I have often wondered if this is some kind of "nerve" condition due to the intense burning pain my daughter feels.  I would also like them to check her for anemia as well as vitamin D deficiency.  Her grandmother also has a Vitamin D deficiency.  Because she already has vitiligo and celiac, I am concerned there is something else going on with her immune system.   I was also wondering if you knew of any auto immune diseases which manifest in this way.  Again, thank you for your input.
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