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Chronic Cough

I’ve had an undiagnosed chronic cough for 25 years. (Both dry and productive cough and constant throat clearing). I’ve been tested and treated for asthma, acid reflux, allergies, post nasal drip, vocal cord dysfunction (all test results have been borderline, inconclusive or negative). Also had multiple blood tests for thyroid, autoimmune disorders, and deficiencies. All negative.

I greatly appreciate any and all insights. I would also ask you to share the case with any medical experts you know.

Thank you!
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I have many questions for you.
1. Have you been tested for  hypochlorhydria?
2. High Histamine levels and /or hypomethylation?
3. Are you predominently a mouth breather?
4. Are you a chest/thoraric or diaphragmatic breather?
5. Do you sleep on your back?
6. Have you had Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 thyroid "Function" tests?
7. Have you ever been tested for vagus nerve damage/dysfunction?
8. Have you ever had any genetic testing? MTHFR mutation?
9. How about adrenal fatigue? Any adrenal tests?
10. Have you ever had your B12 methylocobalamin and Methylfolate
(neurological forms of B12 and folate) tested? Not MMA test!
A Homocysteine CSF test is needed.
11. What are your Vitamin D levels?  Vitamin D resistance?
12. Candida, Leaky gut syndrome, Gut dysbiosis have been ruled out?

Looking forward to your answers.


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Thanks for your response! It took a little time to research some of the answers, so apologize for the delay:

I don’t believe I’ve been tested for:
Hypochlorhydria (low acid); I did have a 24-hour Esophageal pH test, which had borderline results
Histamine levels; I did try a low histamine diet for 2 months that had no impact
Hypomethylation; I’m unclear what this is, so doubt I’ve been tested
Vagus nerve damage/dysfunction
Genetic testing
Adrenal tests
B12 methylocobalamin and methylfolate
Note: I have had numerous blood tests over the years for deficiencies and autoimmune diseases.

Have been tested for:
Thyroid function

I am not a mouth breather, primarily chest
I prefer to sleep on my side
I don’t know my Vitamin D levels (I do take a Calcium/Vit. D supplement)
Do not have candida
I do have IBS and have recently confirmed SIBO diagnosis (took antibiotics and am taking VSL probiotics and am on low FODMAP diet for 8 wks.)

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--What thyroid tests, results and lab ranges?
The majority of hypothyroid sufferers are undiagnosed, underdiagnosed or worse...misdiagnosed, due to flawed testing.
Read again into the tests I mentioned.

--Low histamine diet does not rule out excess histamine accumulation because of the body's inability to break it down and recycle it.
A SAMe supplemetation trial, if improvement is experienced, will indicate this.

--For Hypochlorhydria, you can do on your own the baking soda burp test or the Betaine HLC challenge. Just look them up.

- Optimize your breathing. Visit the Normal Breathing website. Diaphragmatic breathing is strongly recommended!

--B12 methylocobalamin and methylfolate could be low.
If a Homocysteine CSF testing is too complicated or expensive, a trial of these -must be in the correct forms!- is warranted.
This relates to hypomethylation which could be due to genetics or stress or other factors.
Just look up methylation. Doctors don't bother with this and yet, it can affect any part of the the human body, when low, as it is involved with gazillion biochemical processes.

Anything you try has to be on its own one at a time, so you can identify the issue.
If you try too many things at once, you may be unable to establish  the cause.

--You should know your D levels. At any rate, you may want to consider 2000 UI D3 sunblingual drops daily.

-- SIBO requires an elemental diet and probiotics of the highest quality you can afford.

--- Please consider the "Saliva Test for Candida", a self-screening test.
Just look it up. Candida Yeast Infection Diagnosis Is Sometimes Missed.
You may also consider a PEG test (urine) for Leaky gut Syndrome.

Hope this helps,

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