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Chronic Sickness and No one knows why!

My whole life I have constantly had a cold, virus, stomach bug, you name it. It’s like my immune system hates me. I’m 35 years older and after having my two kids it’s like my immune system took an even bigger tank. In the last year alone I’ve had Diverticulitis TWICE (once I was hospitalized for), COVID-19, The Flu, Strep Throat, Gastritis, I’m currently on my 7th (yes I said 7th) Sinus Infection and awaiting a CT scan of my sinuses from the ENT. I also suffer from PMDD, horrible mensural cycles, migraines, bloating, sensitive skin (break out to almost any chemical I touch), and I’m not even going to get into my normal aches and pains in my body. In my life I’ve had almost every test ran on me. From extensive blood work, CT scans, MRI, X-rays, spinal tabs, hospital stays after hospital stays, seen so many specialists and they all agree that something is going on but they are not sure what the root of the cause is. They’ll say, “go see this specialist”. And I do, then they say, “yup something is wrong. You need to see a different specialist.”

I’m at my wits end. I am at a point now where if anyone or any doctor says “hey this might work” I’m willing to try it. It’s effecting my life to the point where I can’t hold a normal job because I will get so sick every few weeks that I can’t leave bed. People look at me like I’m a hypochondriac and just faking it, but trust me, I’m not. I hate this! I just want to be normal, healthy, and get some damn answers!!!  It’s the unknown that bothers me so much!

Has anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas of what to try? Who to see next? HELP!!! I’m desperate to just be normal again.
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Well, the first thing to try is find better docs, such as Mayo Clinic.  But if you've always had this and docs don't find anything. sometimes you have to look in a different area.  When I managed health food stores, I had a lot of customers who got to them because docs couldn't find what was wrong or fix it if they found it or the treatment made them feel worse than the disease, so they ended up in health food stores and started eating as well as they could, exercised, meditated, did acupuncture, used supplements, and basically changed their entire lives.  And sometimes, in fact quite often, it worked.  You obviously have a messed up immune system, and I'm guessing you've been on antibiotics and other meds so often they destroyed what was left.  You might think of eating and living in a way that builds the immune system rather than tear it down or stress it out.  Just a thought.
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I did not see allergy testing on your list.  Allergies of any kind even slight allergies can really mess a person up.  I definitely like the  response from Paxiled.
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When I was reading your post it was like you was talking about me .From ENT ,to pulmonologist,infectious diseases doctor to allergy doctors and all kind of test done and everything is normal but why I feel sick.Is sad and frustrated my friend.
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look into doctor moorse and raw food healing. Theres been many studies showing a increase in raw foods or a fast on fruit can improve and heal the immune system even with chronic disorders. hope this helps :)
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If you meant Morse, his site looks to be homeopathic in nature. There is no link to any study, just videos of his views.
And all of his videos say "Censored".

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