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Chronic chest and back pain

I am 19 years old and for the past year have vaporized cannabis frequently. Recently I have noticed that I have been suffering from some quite alarming symptoms, these include:

- Localized chest pain on the right side of the body around the sternum and going through to my back.
- Localized back pain in my right shoulder.

This pain can be described as achy, dull, and occasionally burning in nature. This pain has been ongoing for at least 2 months. The pain is generally worse at night especially when lying on either side, it becomes more pronounced.

This pain is generally "felt" to be worse when using cannabis, I put felt in quotations because cannabis does tend to make me paranoid and exaggerate certain feelings.

In addition to the pain, I have seen the following changes:

- Insomnia
- Fatigue
- Decreased concentration
- Decreased appetite
- Low libido

I have gone to a doctor locally and so far they have found nothing, they have run blood tests, chest x-rays, ultrasounds of my liver and gallbladder and are having me get a stool test soon as I have also been noticing changes in my stool (think less formed but not diarrhea).

Some other things to note:

- I have no shortness of breath and can continue to exercise as normal
- I have no increased pain when taking deep breaths
- I have no cough or phlegm

I had never noticed any of these issues prior even when using cannabis and am concerned with the prospect of something life threatening like lung cancer.

Are there any common trends with my symptoms that would point me to something more specific? How should I proceed?
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Rather than worrying about your having lung cancer perhaps you should concentrate of phasing yourself gradually of the cannabis. I am not being judgmental but I do believe that most if not all of your problems are lifestyle related. I wish you well.
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If you smoke lying down stop the reason pain increases when smoking is bc it heightens your senses.  So the pain you already feels get worse. Also I don't know what kind you smoke but they do add chemicals to some of that so how about stop smoking. Drink a lot of water and see if it stops. If you can't stop smoking then only smoke reg. And drink plenty fluids no caffeine.
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