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Chronic headache, upset stomach, exhaustion, dizziness.

Hello and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I am a 36 year old Male.

For years I have been experiencing a miriad of health issues that seem to be getting worse and worse with no known cause.

I often wake up with a headache and feeling somewhat disoriented. I can tell right away if I'm going to have a particularly bad day. The headache is usually right in the center of my head, in the upper portion of my nose between my eyes. I have seen a neurologist, had an MRI on my head, seen and ENT, had a septoplasty to improve the breathing through my nose. No one has been able to identify the cause and I have seen no improvement.

In addition, my stomach is almost always upset. I am constantly bloated, gassy, having abdominal pain. I have tried FODMAP to try to identify any food triggers but have been unsuccessful. I have continually limited my diet, cut out meat, limited my dairy intake, limited processed foods. Sometimes I will have a stretch of days that are somewhat symptom free, but then will have a week of almost debilitating symptoms. These onsets seems to have no known cause, and don't seem to have any relation to the food I eat.

Along with these symptoms I also get hot flashes, or get hot in general very easily. I have a hard time focusing and have no energy. I often get dizzy, disoriented, and feel like I'm going to pass out, though I have never actually passed out. I also get jittery and shakey. My bowl movements are pretty normal most of the time, though I will often have a fishy smell to my anus, especially when I am a bit constipated.

I have had a CT scan on my abdomen, a colonoscopy, done two rounds of Xifaxan. I have had multiple rounds of full metabolic panels. The only significant findings of these tests is at one point I had very high triglycerides. My most recent blood panel showed that I have somewhat low good cholesterol and somewhat high bad cholesterol, but not to the degree that it would warrant medication. Nothing abonormal was found in the CT or colonoscopy.

I have had a few doctors suggest that these symptoms are stress or anxiety related, but I have a generally low stress life overall. I take Lexapro 10mg for anxiety, and while this does help me cope with these symptoms mentally, it has not improved them at all.

I am at a loss and need help badly. I have almost no quality of life at this point.

Any help or recommendations that could be provided would be most welcome.

Thank you soo much.
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Hi, let's address something you can test for:
"I also get hot flashes, or get hot in general very easily. I have a hard time focusing and have no energy. I often get dizzy, disoriented, and feel like I'm going to pass out, though I have never actually passed out. I also get jittery and shakey"
Get a blood glucose monitor. Hypoglycemia can cause symptoms, and then the compensatory release of adrenaline which is meant by the body to increase BG can also cause other symptoms like the jitters and shakes.

If not that that, then consider that mystery conditions very often result from immune system dysfunction. Look at MCAS in particular, especially as regards flushing.

I'm not a fan of the carnivore diet, but you can try that for a week or so because it is an elimination diet that eliminates all plants.

Similarly, some people get very sick from a "healthy" approach that includes daily spinach/kale smoothies, but they are sensitive to the oxalates. So you can't necessarily assume what is healthy in all people.

If not that, try a 'Functional Medicine' doc, if there are any in your area. They try to figure out the 'why' of mystery conditions, rather than just doing the standard pattern matching approach.
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