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Chronic off balance sensation/dizziness

I’m a 26 years old, male. I’ve been struggling with a few issues for the past 2.5 months. I have been experiencing a very uncomfortable chronic off balance sensation. I am hesitant to say dizzy, because I’ve noticed dizziness is usually associated with a spinning sensation (which I do not have). The best way I can describe it, is that my head and body feel off balance or out of sync. I frequently feel my body swaying back and forth, almost as if I’m on a boat. It also feels a little like I’m hungover, or slightly drunk (without having anything to drink). I take the train into work and have had a very difficult time coping with the ride. It makes me sick almost immediately. This is always accompanied by a weakness in my legs, and a general feeling of fatigue throughout my body. I almost always have some form of headache that ranging between mild or moderate. I have these symptoms from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep. Something about my vision feels ‘off’, although I can’t exactly describe it.

Before this happened I was a functional, healthy 26 yr old guy. I would go to the gym religiously and do fun social things regularly. Now I have been reduced to resting in bed almost any minute that I’m home. I have been too uncomfortable/exhausted to work out, and the thought of going out to stores or bars gives me anxiety. I don’t have a history of anxiety so I do not believe this is related (before the onset of my symptoms I was living a generally low stress lifestyle and was happy).

My GP has run a range of blood tests, all which came back normal. Thyroid, HIV, iron, adrenal function etc. I have a list of about 75 tests all within normal ranges. I had an EKG of my heart which was normal, as well as an MRI of my head which was normal. Blood pressure, blood oxygen, vitamin levels, and hemoglobin all normal as well. I saw an ENT who tested my hearing which came back normal, as well as a range of other vertigo tests – all which he said were normal. I’ve been prescribed Nortriptyline and Codein. I think the headaches have lessened but I’m not sure. The balance issues remain unchanged (although some days are worse than others). I’ve tried eliminating wheat/gluten from my diet with no luck and have also seen a dentist and optometrist just in case. I have a history of bad sinuses (I get a sinus infection almost every year).

This condition has literally began ruining my life. I’m desperately searching for answers but am becoming increasingly exhausted and discouraged. I have scheduled an appointment with a Neurologist but the earliest they can see me is in 2 weeks.
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Your description sums up what I feel "I am hesitant to say dizzy, because I’ve noticed dizziness is usually associated with a spinning sensation (which I do not have). The best way I can describe it, is that my head and body feel off balance or out of sync. I frequently feel my body swaying back and forth, almost as if I’m on a boat. It also feels a little like I’m hungover, or slightly drunk (without having anything to drink)."

I'm off to see the doctor for the second time, it's been 2 months and the rocking/swaying feeling isn't subsiding. I was pescribed Novo-Betahistine which helps but I don't think the dose is high enough because the swaying is felt between doses. Below are a list of conditions I will bring up to my doctor today.

*Mal de Debarquement
*Maniere's Disease

I have a friend who felt the same symptoms, she drank a lot of sugar free soda pop. She stopped drinking the soda pop with artificial sweetners and her symptoms went away. I know this is not what is causing my issues as I do not dring soda. But this may be helpful to others...want to send out the message.

Have you had any resolution to your condition since you last comment? Do you have any suggestions to help with my through this issue?
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I could have written your post. I am a 33 year old female and I have been dealing with chronic dizziness/vertigo/off balance sensation for over ten years. It has come and gone for me but my bouts with it usually last months. It's completely debilitating. I feel your pain. I have had my hearing checked, an eng (where they induce dizziness to check inner ear function) an MRI on my brain, ct scan on my sinuses.. You name it. I experimented eating a meniere's disease diet and also no gluten. I'm now having my allergies rechecked. I had it done in 2004 and found I was allergic to just about everything under the sun. Mold, dust mites, grasses, trees, pollen, cats, dogs.. I made some serious lifestyle changes and went a few years with no issues. Until the last year or so. I never had allergy symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose etc. My symptoms are always headaches, migraines, and of course, feeling like I'm on a boat. I'll start immunotherapy again (it takes 5-7 years to cure) but hey, I'm only 33. On another note, I'm also seeing a psychiatrist soon. I'm almost positive I have serious anxiety issues. Now I don't know what came first, the anxiety or dizziness but they go hand in hand. When I get dizzy, I get anxious, which makes it worse but then again when I get anxious, I get dizzy. I never thought I'd be someone who would take medication but I'm at the end of my rope. I'm done feeling this way. I've got a job and 2 kids to take care of. My current bout has had me in the ER 4 times in a month. I have had everything tested. And I mean everything. All that's left is mental health and allergies. Good luck to you and may I suggest finding a good ENT and psychiatrist and go from there. You're too young to give up.
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What about benign positional vertigo?  A physical therapist puts you through all sorts of positions to fix this.  It is very common.  Google it.
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Not sure if you will find this encouraging or discouraging but I will share b/c I think it should encourage you.   I have had a balance/vertigo/dizziness issue for over 2 years and docs have not been able to put a diagnosis on it...except one neurologist tried to call it "Mal de Debarquement" which is a balance issue that generally comes about directly after a trip on a boat or possibly an airplane, but mostly not understood if I recall correctly.  Did you go on a trip? I had not recently gone on a trip when mine started, it had been at least a year since my last flight.  Did yours by chance start after beginning the job that requires the train ride?  I suppose a train motion could trigger something just as easily as a boat or plane.  Anyway, I too suffer from sinus issues, always have any a myriad of other health issues that may or may no be related to my "surfing" problem.  AND I am almost twice your age so chances are you are more resilient and stronger than myself.  I write that to say this...keep trying to find the answer but even if you don't find the answer right away find ways to cope with this until you do.  I understand the lying down to rest from it.  I feel NO problem when lying down....whilst most with "vertigo" feel bad when horizontal, ugh.  I thank God for the fact that I can get some relief when I lay down.  Is your anxiety in public now due to a fear of losing balance completely and falling in public?  Mine is.  Mine also feels somehow related to my eyes, and as you said it...I can't really explain it.  I have been through the ringer of tests including all the special eye tests to see if they change when I am deliberately made dizzy, whatever that was called ???   Supposedly everything came back normal.  I do have many other health issues that could surely be contributing to my "surfing" that I won't go into here but I just wanted to encourage you with letting you know you are not alone.
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Oh, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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