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Chronic sore throat, swollen lymph nodes.

Got a question: Can you think of any pathogens that would last a very long time in someone's throat and cervical lymph nodes but not really exhibit any other symptoms? I got sick somewhere around Feb/March. After three weeks of misery (at the time: swollen lymph nodes, some small sinus involvement, some coughing, terrible ear pain, throat pain, red and raw throat, possible sores, but not super visible). We checked for mono and strep with rapid tests. Both were negative. NP at my college diagnosed possible influenza and sent me home to rest. About a month later, I went back begging for antibiotics just in case it was microbial because my ears were still in severe pain (refereed..no apparent infection or fluid). NP said no infection, refused to give a trial of antibiotics, and I cried and was too embarrassed to go back. She said allergies even though I could still see small sores in my throat, redness, and had swelling in my neck. I started taking claritin religiously, avoiding allergens, etc. No major change. Sometimes it's better. Sometimes it's worse. A week of almost normal. 2 weeks of major ear and throat pain with lymph involvement. 2 weeks of mild pain. A month of severe pain and swelling. Throat always looks raw/red. Sometimes I think I see sores, especially behind the flaps of my mouth where my throat and oral regions meet. (no lymph nodes anymore--behind these flaps that I don't remember the name for).

So now, it's been almost 8 months of off and on pain. No fever. Maybe had a very mild fever initially. Don't remember. Don't think I did. I'm racking my brain trying to figure this out. I've even considered herpes. But, since I"ve had cold sores from childhood, there isn't a test that would prove it. The IgG test only tells you if you have HSV 1 or 2 or both, not the body location. I've thought of yeast. I've thought of TB. I simply don't know.

The nurse now things it's viral after an apt this week. We are doing a CBC to check different levels of immune cell involvement because that should help us decide if it's allergies or a viral infection. I have no sinus involvement. Only occasionally do I cough mostly to clear my throat. I see no post nasal drip. My ears are clear but the swelling and pressure and referred pain can be unbearable.

I started gargling raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, oregano oil concentrate, grapefruit seed extract, and water on Thursday (5 days ago). I felt stinging and pain in one of the sores that I had been able to see. I almost went to the ER that day. But, by Friday, I had the most relief I've had in months. I've been gargling the mixture (according to the health food store, those two oils have antimicrobial and antiviral qualities, but who knows since it's health food store stuff). I have been in the least pain since I started and the swelling has gone down. Also, any sores/white patches/papules I could see have cleared or become less defined. I forgot to gargle this morning, and I feel the pain coming back.

I need ideas because I've only able to see the college school nurse until I can get insurance. But, I don't want to ignore this any longer. I've asked my boyfriend to get tested for HSV just in case. He can't recall ever having sores on his mouth or other bits. So, if he's positive, it could maybe mean more than if I test positive, since I've always had lip and gum HSV 1.

Yeast? Viral? Some bacterial infection that doesn't cause a fever or classic response?

I must mention that I am currently getting the black mold in the leaky rooms of my impoverished house typed to see if they are Stachybotyrs chartarum. Can it cause all of this?

Also, I cut out wheat and gluten about 3 or more weeks ago. No change. I'll be adding it back in this week to see if I get worse. I doubt I will. I also cut out caffeine. I thought maybe it was irritating or causing it. Some chocolate made the swelling go up. I won't add that back in yet. I will cut out dairy next. I'm just not convinced it's allergies.

No unexplained bruising or slow to heal bruises. No dry throat or eyes.
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   You do not mention taking Probiotics.  They are so necessary to fight off any "bugs" in your body.  Elderberry also comes to mind as it helps your body fight off even the flu!!  One doctor claims that Elderberry is better than Tamaflu....

Wishing you the best
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   One pathogen that comes to mind that "stays" is Strep.  One young fella was exhibiting strange behavior for several months when he was finally diagnosed with Strep.  He had no fever so doctors didn't know what to look for.  The sore throat was so mild that the doctor didn't think to check for strep.  - The parents kept asking for blood work and it finally showed up.  Once the young man was on antibiotics everything cleared up including his strange behavior.
     Hope this is helpful.
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I do take probiotics and vitamins. I also eat a lions share of greek yogurt. My nurse won't even consider bacteria because I don't have a fever. Never mind that I never get fevers... Had a CBC done. Everything looked normal, so now she doesn't seem interested in doing any other tests. As long as I gargle to vinegar-oregano-grapefruit extract mix, I'm doing ok. But, something is wrong, and I just don't know what!
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    Only other thing I can think of is that you should have your thyroid checked.  Recently I came upon some information about how the thyroid works and the symptoms of thyroid disorder as as long as my arm!
     Perhaps an endocrinologist would be able to help you.

Wishing you the best
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Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem.
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