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Coeliac suffering from symptoms

So, I've been diagnosed with Coeliacs for the last 7 years and have followed a strict Gluten Free diet the whole time, however the last 6 months I have been suffering from symptoms. Extreme diarrhoea ( completely liquid, no consistence at all), pains in my stomach, all of which tend to occur straight after eating. I suffer from fatigue and creaky joint in my wrists and shoulders. I'm also secreting a lot of white mucus, which would indicate IBS right? I went to  the doctors  in June about this problem and I'm still having tests done. My stool test came back as clear with no bacterial or viral infection, bloods as well indicated no increase in White blood cells. I've just had my endoscope today and they've taken a biopsy. I'm starting to get really worried now because I'm rapidly losing weight, 9 kilos ( 20lbs) in the space of 6 months and my periods are becoming completely irregular. Either nonexistent for months or multiple in one month.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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You need to avoid any traces of gluten.  Has someone been walking near your home who thinks about gluten or wheat products?  Well, maybe that would trigger you, but probably not (still, this is a useful attitude to acquire:  extreme diligence in avoiding traces of gluten coming near you).

An awful lot of junk, processed and convenience foods have gluten in them.  I think the only sure way to diligently avoid it is to rely on homecooking so you get to choose precisely what ingredients are in the foods you eat.  You may have been inadvertently consuming something, anything that contains a small amount of gluten (could even be certain brands of antacid tablets, so have a look at any pills and meds you consume and see if gluten is listed amongst the components).

A well chosen probiotic may be timely at this point (enzymatic pearls, blue/white box have worked well with my family).
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I'm glad you have had an endoscopy because this will lead to a proper diagnosis. In the meantime there is no point in anyone here just speculating. Good luck. You will be fine.
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