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Concered about a friend's growing ear lump

This morning I awoke to this message left by a friend:

"I woke up with the left side of my neck kind of stiff. I figured I slept wrong. I reached up to rub it, and noticed this small, firm bump about half an inch behind my ear. Rubbing it, I figured it would go away in a day or two, so I let it be. Over the next week, I couldn't stop touching it when my thoughts got idle..It wouldn't really move. It just felt like I had a bit of extra bone there. It didn't hurt or anything. After the first week though, I notice it was bigger, more pronounced. My left ear was also slightly stiffer then the other. Up to now, it's spread down my neck..It feels like I strained the entire set of muscles on the left side, and it's slightly swollen. I have an ear ache, and in the past day, I've developed a large swollen tonsil in my throat. It stings every time I swallow, but other then that it's just a mild irritation/sore feeling. In the past hour, I developed a fever."

He has a doctor's apointment, but it's a few days off and he's desperately looking for some clues as to what it may be.  We've both looked online and haven't found any one thing where all of these symptoms match up.  We're  not expecting definite answers on what this may all add up to, but we'd appreciate having a good idea of what it may be.  Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this development.
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Well....it could be a lipoma, although I'm a little concerned that it grew so quickly and also the fever makes it even more concerning....he should see a doctor ASAP and if the fever gets worse he should go to the ER! I wish him luck and I hope he gets welll really quickly!!
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Thanks for the response, I'll pass it on to my friend.  He's been offline and hasn't returned my calls since yesterday...so its becoming even more worrisome.  I hope his appointment is soon.  Hopefully if this thing is a tumor its only a benign one.
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It sounds like an infected sebaceous gland, that developed into an abcess. My husband gets infected sebaceous glands from time to time, in that same area. His have never developed into a raging infection, but it sure sounds like your friend's has. A course  of antibiotics, maybe draining the abcess, and they should be fine.
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