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Confusing symptoms, in desperate need of a diagnosis please!

In the last five months I've been working professionally full time as a beauty therapist and since late January I've been signed off work by my doctor as during and after treatments I was suffering immensely with swollen fingers, hands and forearms alongside stabbing/throbbing pains and clicking/crunching of the wrists. I also felt whilst massaging a popping sensation in my thumb so painful to the point that I'd thought I'd dislocated or broken my thumb. Straight away I had to take time off work to visit a doctor and was reassured I hadn't broken my thumb or dislocated it and was diagnosed as having repetitive strain injury. I was told to rest and given Naproxen and strangely even them knowing my occupation told I was fit for work. Three days later feeling no better and my swelling and pain getting worse I visited a different doctor and was prescribed different NSAIDs and signed off for a week. I continued to see no improvement, visited a doctor every week and continued to be signed off a week at a time trying different NSAIDs every time I saw a doctor. The second week I went back to another doctor and he put in for me to have relevant blood tests for arthritis as I was suffering with a lot of stiffness in my fingers, wrists and ankles and was finding it difficult to climb stairs and to walk and drive long distances. The test results came back as normal. I saw no improvement with any tablets I took and my swelling, stiffness and pain was not improving, this was about three weeks ago my pain was becoming worse at night to the point I couldn't sleep I was in so much pain and discomfort or do anything in the evening. I was also becoming very hot and sweaty at night having to keep my window wide open and finding it difficult to fall asleep. I went back to see a different doctor only to be told the blood tests had been carried out wrong and had to retake them to get an accurate result. He also said my symptoms sounded a lot like carpal tunnel or tendonitis so he asked me to put my hands above my head with the knuckle side up sides back to back with each other and to say when and if they tingled and within 5 seconds I felt a tingling sensation in my fingertips (all fingers besides little.) He didn't officially diagnose me with carpal tunnel or tendonitis But prescribed me with a course of steroids. The test results came back as normal for all rheumatoid levels and still had no explanation for any of my symptoms. The steroids made no difference after two weeks to my swelling or stiffness. I was also noticing I was starting to suffer more regularly than normal with headaches, dizziness, constant fatigue, not being able to sleep and feeling depressed. I would have a few of these symptoms occasionally in the week but there starting to become daily occurrences. I am still suffering with all of the symptoms I've described above and have been for five/six weeks. So I visited my doctor last week and he sent for me to have a blood test to test my thyroid levels on Friday of which I'm still waiting for the results this week. Still no explanation for my symptoms and no medication for them either. However I have been referred to see a rheumatologist to get an expert opinion which should hopefully happen in the next few weeks. I'm just getting frustrated and desperate to just know what is wrong with me so it can be controlled and I can go back to work!! Any help or insight into my symptoms would be really appreciated, thank you!
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    I am so sorry that you are suffering like that!!  And you have certainly tried to help yourself by going from doctor to doctor.  How frustrating to find that your blood work doesn't show anything.
    How is your diet?  Sodas are a big no no right now.  They are not only full of sugar and salt, they also contain HFCS  which is damaging.  If you are drinking diet sodas, they are worse as they can cause Aspartame poisoning which can lead to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis!!
     If you are watching your diet, perhaps you should consider taking a good multiple. (Not chewables as they contain
Aspartame!!)   A good prenatal is probably best - you don't have to be pregnant to take them.
     You might also try staying away from wheat products to determine if you have a wheat allergy.  More and more people are finding themselves getting sick from cereal and bread.  Our food has been loaded with so many preservatives that there is little nutritional value left!
      If you have symptoms of Fibromyalgia or Lupus, you might want to stay away from tomatoes and their products - tomato sauce, catsup, pizza, spaghetti and other nightshades which "they" say causes inflammation. (eggplant, mushrooms, and potatoes).
       As you start to feel better, you could introduce one of the foods at a time to see which ones affect you.
     I've been able to eat tomatoes and potatoes again.  

Please take care of yourself and let us know what the doctor and your labs say.
Wishing you the best
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My bloods have come back as normal for thyroid so that's ruled out now also. However in the past few days I've been having a burning sensation in my thumb and fingers very annoying! Seeing the dr on Wednesday and hopefully seeing a rheumatologist soon! Can't wait for some answers, thank you for your help!
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