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Confusion symptoms same time every day?

My normally active 65 year old mother had what they thought was a TIA a week ago, effected vision in one eye( self resolved), some mild slurring and missing a word. MRI and CT scan brain showed no damage, blood workups, sugar etc all normal. However she seems to be getting confusion or 'mild delerium' symptoms each day surprisingly the same time between 9am and 12pm for the last week since.

Starts as mildly emotive behaviour, mild slurring, to mild disorientation and unsteadiness on feet. Episodes peak at around 15-20 minutes and last about another hour. She returns to milder symptoms or normal state the rest of the day. GP did carotid US which shows 85% blockage on one side, the vascular surgeon does not think this relates to symptoms and has ordered a CT angiogram to really check, and will probably surgically clear it in a couple days..

Apart from this, do these symptoms make sense, why are they occurring each day like this? Can anyone throw out some ideas what we may have missed? She is on bloodthinners, statin and zantac
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Zantac could be one of  the culprits.

A German study published Feb. 15, 2016 in JAMA Neurology, coming on the heels of a previous study, have hoisted red flags for doctors and patients alike by documenting a 33 percent increase in dementia and 44 percent increase in Alzheimer’s disease among seniors using these acid reducing drugs.

Dosage details (amount, frequency, time taken) and 1/2 time elimination (usually prolonged in the elderly) may explain somewhat the timing.

Other factors could have to do with Hypoxia, the recent TIA, sleep apnea, nutritional/vitamin/mineral deficiencies (some could be attributed to low stomach acid caused by
Zantac), hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism etc..

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