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Constant (Without A Trigger) Panic Attacks

THE QUESTION IS AT THE BOTTOM  (I need to explain the situation first)

My name is Chris. I
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I am no way an expert. but because of the work i do I have come across mental illness with marijuana. You need to stop it and stop smoing it or you will most definately end up on a psychiatric ward. You do not say whether you were smoking skunk or not. but i can tell you that I have worked in psychiatic wards and all the young teenagers like yourself that were on the ward were on for drug induced psychosis. The drug was weed. So please do not be encouraged and think its a big thing to do because believe me. When you start going in and out of psych wards and getting pumped up with anti-psychotic meds....you might as well say good bye to normality. Because the older guys on the ward had been in and out since they were teenagers.

At this stage if you stop taking the weed and get on with your life i am sure things will improve. it does affect the brains much easier. but i am sure you will be ok
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I'm never smoking weed again in my life. I don't care if I am going crazy, I'm not going to put myself through this hell again. It was a stupid thing to do and I regret it. Especially for doing it the third time. And I'm paying for it. Not only with the panic attacks, but I'm now on probation because I was caught. In no way do I think smoking weed was "cool". I did it as an attempt to get closer to someone special to me. To share an experience with that person. But all I've been able to think about is the panic attacks I'm dealing with and I wanted some answers that I couldn't otherwise find online. I doubt I would end up in a psych ward though because I'm in a residential home, Parmadale, and I've been doing really good there. I should be getting out sometime at the end of the month. I've been in some psych wards and they're hell. I am trying to never get sent to another one. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it and sorry my question was so long. You must have had a lot of patience if you read the whole thing.

P.S. I don't know what a "skunk" is. I didn't think what I used would make a difference, but if it helps you figure somehting out, I used a bowl the first two times and the third time I didn't have anything so I rolled up a reciept and made that into a joint.
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One thing you might want to do is have a glucose tolerance test done.
I too, have some of your symptoms and I have thought it to be low blood sugar.
I have hypoglycemia and if I let my sugar level go down than I experience them.

? The feeling of being disconnected

? Sounds echo and sound louder than they really are

? I forget what I
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