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Constant headache, not thinking clearly, bad memory for 10+ years.

Age 32

Sex Male

Height 180+cm(6 feet)

Weight 113kg(249lb)

Race White

Duration of complaint More than 10 years

Location (Geographic and on body) Europe

Any existing relevant medical issues (if any)

Current medications (if any) Omeprazole,Ursodeoxycholic acid

Forgive the poor English.

For 10+ years I have been having headaches in the frontal part of my head and at the temples. Main problem: I started to think very badly and my memory has deteriorated a lot, mostly the headaches are not that bad. The condition worsens over the years. It wasn't as bad 5 years ago and 10 years ago it was a lot better than it is now.  It's hard for me to write everything at once, I'll break it down into categories. I don't know what's important and what's not. I will write everything I can. There are things I don't remember, or the information is not accurate, or excerpted, or a translation error.

**About myself.**

I had a traumatic brain injury as a kid, was in the hospital for like two weeks at the most. No hereditary illnesses or anything like that. Had a nose job just this year and no other surgeries. Last 3 years at least, weight 115+- kg.(253 lb.) Height 180+ cm(6 feet). Sedentary lifestyle. Mainly sit in front of computer. I don't smoke but sometimes I've been putting alcohol in my tea for the last year. I don't do drugs. I sleep about 8 hours, sometimes it's hard to fall asleep. Been on a diet. Didn't get any better when I dropped from 135kg(300lb) to 120kg(264lb), now I follow diet weakly, but now I don't eat fried food and almost no sweets and white bread. Now my weight is 113kg(249lb). It can be minus temperatures outside. Prediabetes condition. The memory was bad before the headaches, but now it's much worse.


I don't remember how it appeared. I think in the beginning I only had headaches when I was hungry. Constant headache in the frontal part of the head. In the morning it is usually a little easier. In the evening just as bad as in the daytime. Easier to lie down than to sit up. Almost always the headache is worse after eating, some food is much worse than others. Also my temples hurt, throbbing pain, usually right temple, but maybe left as well. Didn't seem to be hurting at the same time. Pills for headaches don't help. Usually either it gets worse or the headache is different.

**Mildly bothersome complaints.**

Occasional lower back pain. Swollen feet. Often sharp pain in lower left abdomen and sometimes lower right abdomen, Sometimes tingling in ears. Often white tongue. Sometimes very stiff legs when sitting, sometimes the tip of the tongue hurts. Mild sensation of satiety and hunger.

**Notes and oddities.**

Sometimes my memory and wits work much better.

After COVID19 vaccination and x-rays like drunk and nauseous.

Sometimes smells better.

Sometimes lifting my shirt over my belly for some reason, usually after eating. I don't know what that means.

Went to some professor and he pressed on the inside of my right ear and it hurt a lot and I couldn't stand it. He just said it was functional. I don't know what that means.

Milk and cheese. It makes me drowsy sometimes, especially melted cheese, really haven't had that kind of cheese in a long time.

I had an incident a few years ago, it was very difficult to get up from the chair and when I could hardly get up, I walked a couple of meters and fell on the floor. After about 10 minutes I was only able to stand up on my own. Later on, I think the charcoal helped then.

My nails seem to have become more brittle.

Body temperature is often around 35.5°C(95.9°F).

**What makes it worse:**

If you put on regular socks.

Heating in the room.

Green tea for a few days. Then black tea made it better. Some black teas also made it worse. Probably strong ones.

Regular sweater makes it a little worse.

If you buy water without gas in a plastic bottle for a couple of days and drink it, it gets worse.

Fresh cucumber and some fresh vegetables. Right now I only eat boiled stuff.

**Sometimes it helps reduce headaches and/or helps me think better:**

If you close the window in the room.

Omeprazole???. Much worse without it, more headaches, worse thinking and more irritable.

Cocoa powder (was deficient in potassium in labs???). Now it does not seem to help.

Charcoal. It helped quite a lot, but the doctors forbade it.

Ginger. It did not help any more.

Cheese/Milk. Didn't help any more.

**Blood pressure.**

Blood pressure at home wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 118/78/86(over 200 measurements) 4 years ago. Now doctors may have 160/90. Blood pressure pills lower blood pressure, but it doesn't get better. Now the pressure on the shoulder BPM reads. 30 readings. Average blood pressure 142\87\79. Highest pressure is 171\98\187. Lowest pressure is 129\92\71. Stopped taking blood pressure.

**What might help with the headache or help me think better:**

If I wear trackpants, it's better, less headache. Without trackpants it's much worse. But now not always.

Omeprazole???. I've been taking it almost every day for over 5 years. Sometimes it helps to get rid of the headache and has no effect on my brain, but if you don't take it for a long time and then start taking it again, then you can feel the effect.

Cocoa powder. Doesn't seem to help anymore.

Charcoal when nothing else helps.

Defecation. Helps only if very bad, if just bad it does not help.

Strong alcohol in tea often gives less headache and helps to think better.


Elevated liver transaminases were only noticed a few years(over 5) ago. The cause is not clear. Also liver hardening or so I was told. ALT was up to 123 in 2016(AST 49). Then there was a positive HAV IgG 200/ml, but the doctor didn't see it until the following year. In 2017 there were ALT tests from 87(AST 45) to 120(AST 60).
I think I was only taking Omeprazole and charcoal then. If I was taking antidepressants, I was taking Ursodeoxycholic acid together. An autoimmune disease test was done. Didn't find anything. Now ALT does not rise above 60. Last test was ALT 26 AST 25. Fun fact: I was asked if I was a heavy drug user after seeing the bad labs. The answer was no, if anything. When I saw the ALT 500+ AST 300+  in another post, now my records are not so impressive :(

Swollen feet. I wear orthopedic insoles at home and out.

**Mental health.**

Depression. Been to a therapist. Took Zoloft for six months, no improvement. Another month of something with no result.

**What doctors were able to diagnose and suggested treatment or test results:**

Thyroid. I had it checked three times and it was normal.

There were several MRI scans of the head and a CT scan. Only polyps of the main sinus seemed to be found. There's no tumors or anything scary.???

Prostate gland inflammation. ? Wrong or right translation???

Neurologist - psych consult, BP diary.

The therapist - hypertension, 2nd degree. There's a lot of text that's hard to translate.

Gastric erosion and ulcerative state - Omeprazole.

Ophthalmologist - Eyes are normal, but vision is not perfect.

Elevated liver transaminases - Took Ursodeoxycholic acid and it helped lower ALT AST, but I didn't feel better.

Metabolic disorder, kidney ultrasound? - No, the doctors didn't say anything.

There were some IVs 4 times. I think it was for the liver, I don't remember. Did not help.

I think a neurologist, prescribed ??? for muscle strain. Trapezius and gluteal muscles are very tight.

Maybe everything I wrote doesn't make sense, but I don't know what to do. If you do suggest something, please tell me what to do and what to say, step by step. Ask questions, I will try to answer them. I have not written a lot of information. Any help is welcome.
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**Septal correction**

A few months ago, had surgery to correct the nasal septum due to polyps. All preoperative tests were normal. During the start of the surgery, I started gasping and panicking, they gave me an oxygen mask and I fell asleep. The anesthesia was the cheapest. The surgery was a success haha.  I woke up and maybe 20 minutes later, I started panting again, it was hard to both inhale and exhale, I thought I would suffocate and die. I was sent to intensive care unit for 24 hours, I was lying with an oxygen mask, I think it did not help much, but it would have been worse without it. There were 2 such attacks, I can't say how long they lasted, then they went away. I was discharged from the hospital after 4 days. Now I'm afraid of anesthesia, although no one has told me that it was caused by it, but I think it was the anesthesia.
After a couple of days in the hospital I got a bad taste in my mouth, I looked in the mirror and I got a green plaque on my tongue and I could only sleep 2-3 hours at a time. This had never happened to me before. I then drank charcoal and it didn't help much. Now milk and toothpaste give me green plaque on my tongue. After the hospital???.

I remembered now that I was having trouble breathing in air, but I don't know the exact cause. Either from frying oil in a frying pan or cooking in the oven.

**Currently taking:**


Ursodeoxycholic acid. I'm out of pills.


??? - Should be added
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