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Constant pulsing in head, with anxiety, nervousness, fluctuating appetite, weird sensations in head

I've asked a few times in the past on the forum and thought since I have a bit of a better understanding of what im going through now it might help me find out whats wrong with me. About a year and a half to two years ago I went on a paleo diet, and I did HIT, I lost a lot of weight and was at about 235-245. Over time though I started to have problems, I gained the weight back (im now 280-290 so what I used to be).

I was on anxiety/depression medication but didn't seem to help much. I've recently started taking more supplements (and drinking lots of water), I actually take a lot but i make sure im not going to overdose or take too much of anything. Im also on the slow carb diet that is in the book Four Hour Body. I've started exercising more often then just once or twice a week as well, I still do my high intensity workouts though once a week.

I was put on stimulants recently and have only been on them for about 3-4 days and things are getting better but not to where I want them to be and far from healthy. I've been having these problems for a long time, for months and possibly years as well. I get a pulsing or pounding in my head that is on the close to being painful or not much pain involved. I also get a lot of anxiety, fatigue and brain fog as well, and also nervousness as well.

My eczema and skin problems have been acting up as well. I feel like my body might be in a state of inflammation or something (so possibly an autoimmune issue?), I know theres a lot wrong with it but not sure what. My appetite fluctuates a lot as well, and I never quite feel full or too hungry either. I got some bloodwork done to see if it might be a few different things and if it might be a thyroid problem. Besides my total cholesterol and blood glucose being a little high there wasn't much else wrong.

Im thinking of getting an MRI done in a few weeks If things dont start clearing up. I do a lot of my own research and this has been a big pain in the *** for me. Any help or advice would be appreciated :)
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Has diabetes been ruled out? This should be checked first. It can also be chronic fatigue syndrome. This usually presents with widespread myalgia and arthralgia, headaches, chronic mental and physical exhaustion, cognitive difficulties, concentration difficulty and memory problems.
Then you also need to investigate other causes of brain fog like liver dysfunction (get liver enzymes done—liver function test), kidney dysfunction (get kidney function test done), and anemia. Poor sleep pattern and sleep problems like sleep apnea too can cause brain fog. Sleep studies by sleep specialists can help diagnose this. Hypothyroidism, Low Vit D or Vit B12 too could be the cause. In men this could also be related to low testosterone.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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I was checked for diabetes some time ago but it came back negative. I have gained some weight since then. Im not sure what all was tested in the bloodtest I took, I know cholesterol, blood glucose and thyroid function were tested as well as a number of other things. I take plenty of vitamin d, and have just started taking b vitamins as well. My doctor also mentioned taking a blood test for testosterone as well.

I will be sure to discuss these things with my doctor when I see him in a few weeks :).
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sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome is possible
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