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Constant urge to breathe deeply + Pain in left chest

Hello everyone.

Since a few months already I permanently have some kind of urge to breathe in deeply, because I someow feel like I don't get enough air (Even if I probably do). Once I managed to satisfy that urge (Which doesnt happen that often - I actually have difficulties in breathing in in a way that satisfies that urge), I can breathe normally for 1-2minutes, before repeating the whole process. Sometimes, mostly in the first months, it doesnt trouble me that much, but sometimes, more rarely, I need to stop everything I was doing and just concentrate on breathing in deeply. Those last weeks the urge got even stronger, and since a few days my left chest is hurting quite a bit, and when breathing in deeply, my whole thorax/chest is hurting a little bit. My parents always said that this is just some weird quirck, but I do fear that there's something more behind it.

Also, since a long time, too, my stomach generates extraordinary amounts of gas, noticeably blowing my belly until I, uh, let it out. It's not bothering me as much as the first problem, but I wonder if it has something to do with it?

I would really appreciate help.

Kind regards.

PS: Sorry for my bad english
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Do you have anxiety issues?  This sounds like anxiety.
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I think you should go to a doctor because if its not anxiety it could be a metabolic condition meaning that your body needs to get rid more and more Carbon Dioxide through respiration cos its in excess or you re having and underlying lung condition that needs to be investigated. Weather you are hypochondriac or not, you need to visit a doctor in order to exclude all other possibilities before we can say its only caused by a psychological backround.
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I also been having the same symptoms for awhile now and I just found out my carbon dioxide level was high at 33... myvdoctor didn't seem very concerned for some reason. I've had chest xrays pulmonary function test which showed mild results but my oxygen is always 99 or 100. Also my anion gap is always low also what could be causing this?????
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And every time I stand and start walking my heart throbs in my chest and throat and I'm always really fatigued I've been yo the er multiple times and no body can give me an answer I've also had ekgs and wore a holter monitor recently and it was fine someone please help
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I would say this is anxiety, but, to be sure, please see your physician. I am glad your ekg and other tests were good.

You mentioned that you are fatigued, this could also be fibromyalgia, it can cause the symptoms you are having as well. A blood test can help to rule this out.
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I'm thinking it's something to do with my diaphragm because all other tests were negative I'm really worried because I know it'd it's something to do with my diaphragm its most likely irreversible
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Also I'm constantly lightheaded and like foggy all the time and my muscles twitch all the time those are all symptoms of high carbon dioxide levels I just don't know what to do I'm really worried I'm only 25....
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I don't see how this can be anxiety
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I've been to my doctor many times and I've had a lot of test done and he said that it has to be anxiety
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