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Constant weird symptoms, please help is urgent!?

Please Help me its very urgent.
i dont know whats wrong with me.. Im 16, Ive been feeling really sick for few months and when i went to doctors they ended up taking my appendyx out, my symptoms havnt changed but came more persistant this past few weeks. So I lost my appetite as everytime i would eat or drink something, I would feel its hard for me to swallow it down, I cant digest and no matter what i eat i feel bloated and cant digest at all. It feels like it jus stays there like stones nd its a heavy uncomfortable pain. Ive constant nausea when i eat and feel like vomiting it out but dont. Throughout the day i feel drousy, dizzy and extremely tired and weak. I keep falling asleep in school and find it hard to do things as im so tired. I get headaches with the dizziness, but they usually go after a while. My belly is swollen and hard, ive lower abdominal pain usually on the left and cramps on my lower back so painful that i have to stop for a while that i cant move and hard to breath, also a piercing pain in lower left side of my stomack. Ive been to my doctor again, but I only had few blood test done and was prescribed 20mg of omeprazole for my stomach but i stopped taking them as they were no help and made it worst. I also took a pregnancy test as I thought im pregnant but it was negative. I really dont know whats wrong with me, i dont think im prgnant as the test was negative but there could be a chance? I really dont know.
Please help me, i be really greatful!!!
Thank you
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That is alot of symptoms. I would say go back to the doctor and have them take a stool sample. I went through something close at one time and it ended up being ulcers. But a stool sample will show alot. If they find nothing there I would suggest seeing an OBGYN and try that route.
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They took already a stool sample, an urine sample and few blood tests but i havent got the results back from my doctor so I dont know yet. But Ive asked this question before and Ive been told I could have Kidney problems from diabetes but i dont have diabietes at least i was never really tested for it so i dont think thats the case. I really dont know whats wrong with me.
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i had these same symptoms when i had my galbladder attack they took it out less than a year ago, a few weeks ago i spent 4 days in the hospital i lost 10 pounds in 7 days and they said i had an intestionl infection, well they loaded me up with iv meds and sent me home now 3 weeks later im having the same symptoms again only this time i also have low back pain on the left side and like you i have severe lower abd. pain with it.. i am going to an OBGYN to get some more things checked out , they also did numerous stool samples , a blood smear and countless blood test a ct scan x2 of my stomach pelvic US and all of it came back negative. i also have anxiety and panic attacks , i hope that all this symptoms are just from anxiety but i am following up with my OBGYN to be on the safe side , i agree with deniellejs you should try an OBGYN. keep us posted , im praying you find answers!
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My girl friend just told me she has the exact same symtoms and the OB says Cystic fibrosis. But I am no doctor def have another doc look at you. Hope you feel better.
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Hey! Thanks for sharing your story! I know what your saying and I will do everything as soon as possible... But i live in Ireland at the moment and here the health service is terrible. To get any kind of check up at the hospital takes months! Just last year Ive been puted on a waiting list for surgery to remove my large branchial cyst and Ive been accepted in only now, Ive be having it on the 31st, But tomorrow Im going to my local doctor to get a diagnose and hopefully see what she says.
In my opinion I think Ive some kind of kidney or pancreas disorder as my symptoms really match. Today Ive been feeling sicker than ever.. walking back home from school I was feeling really dizzy and rushed to get home..and once i got home i had an attack, my breath increased and then i collapsed and found my mum waking me up. I really dont know whats wrong and hate the fact that I will have to wait few weeks or even months to get any results back because of the health system over here.
Hopefully everything be ok, and I really hope you will get better as well, I know what your going throught and its horrible so I hope we both will get better soon! Take care
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I really hope your girlfriend will get better! Cystic fibrosis is really hard to deal with and i really hope she is going to pull through! So really take care of her, and I really hope nothing will go wrong. Bless you
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