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Constantly Feeling Sick for 5 years- HELP!!

Hi, my name if Ashley, I'm 19 years old and I'm just chronically fatigued and sick. First of all, it started in high school, years ago. I was constantly tired, unlike the other kids in my grade I had no energy. I missed A LOT of school and almost failed because it just took so much out of me to get out of bed. I felt weak and exhausted. I went to doctors all the time who would tell me I'm fine. Keep in mind that my parents are health nuts and so my diet and exercise is very healthy. But anyways, I just felt like a zombie, I still do. I'm sluggish and my brain is in a fog. I can't go two months without getting sick with something. I've had strep 4 times. Very recently I've been getting a lot worse. I'm VERY nauseous, which makes in hard to eat. I've been nauseous for about a month and a half. My hands are sweaty, always, for no reason. I'm always cold, even when everyone around me is hot. I fainted three times in one day a few months ago and almost fainted in the shower again. I'm very weak and it's hard for me to make it up my stairs. I'm very forgetful as well and I've been having trouble focusing. I get headaches very easily as well.
Anyways, I've been going to doctors for years about this and every time they take blood from me and it all comes back normal. It makes me feel like a crazy person, like I'm making this all up in my head. I have no idea what could be wrong with me! It's really hard to go through life like this, I've lost all of my friends because I don't have the energy to do fun things with them. It's very hard for me to make it to my college classes. I really need a solution before it completely ruins my life forever. So anyways, my symptoms are nausea, fatigue, foggy feeling, weak, sweaty hands, chills, headaches, and this has all been happening for years. Please, please help.
Thank you,
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Hi Ashley!

You have not mentioned the blood tests you had, but I assume you may have been tested for anemia, vitamin B12, vitamin D, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and electrolyte imbalance. If you have not been tested for one or more of the above disorders, then please discuss with your doctor and get the test for it. I’ll however, just enumerate all the possibilities. You can discuss that in detail with your doctor.

Extreme fatigue could be due to hormonal imbalance of PCOD (polycystic ovaries), anemia (iron deficiency, hemolytic as in thalassemia, low vitamin B12 anemia), diabetes, hypothyroidism, or due to kidney or liver or pancreatic problems. Hence you need blood tests for this.

Another possibility is sleep disturbances (like sleep apnea, imbalance of rapid eye and non rapid eye movement sleep etc.). You may sleep your customary 7-8 hours and yet feel fatigued. You need sleep studies to rule this out.

Other possibilities are chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, low Vit B12, low iron, low calcium, sodium and potassium. Hyperthyroidism too causes increased sweating and tiredness.   Postviral fatigue syndrome is another possibility. Persisting EBV infection or mono can also be the cause. So, you need to get investigated for this.

If you have bowel problems like on and off constipation or loose stools then you need to rule out IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease. If autoimmune diseases run in family, then you should also be tested for these.

Please discuss with your doctor. Hope you get well soon! Good Luck and take care!
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Hi Ashley. Any news on your condition from the doctors ?

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It looks like heavy metals poisoning.
Do you have many friends in the authority position
that needs you dearly?
It is extremely serious
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