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Could a positive ana be connected to burning hands and feet?

Hello everyone! I am writing in hopes that someone can possibly connect with what I am currently experiencing. About one month ago I noticed this odd burning sensation in my hands and feet. I contributed it to the stress of starting a new job. I woke up about a week later and had  lost complete feeling in my legs. It was pretty wild, four hours later and I regained full function. I have had REALLY bad fatigue this past year, headaches, pretty bad tremor (most my life), and red bumps on my back (don’t itch) so my doctor ordered an ana test. Results came back positive with a mix of homogenous and nucleor. Titer was 1:320. My legs often still feel weak and the burning is SO uncomfortable. Had MRI of my spinal cord and that looked alright. No other testing besides that. I’m only 20 and pretty discouraged that my body feels like it is falling apart! If anyone has any input as to what I should try next or experienced anything similar, I would so appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!
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You need further testing for  Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) : anti Ds DNA, anti-SS-A (Ro), anti-SS-B (La), anti-U1 RNP, anti-Sm, and follow-up with serial anti-DS DNA.
Also, you may want to rule out deficiencies, like iron, ferritin, B12 methylocobalamin (MMA test)
Vit. D, and also thyroid function tests FT3, FT$ and RT3 _all 3 are needed for thyroid function (not the standard thyroid tests which only indicate serum levels of thyroid hormones
Hypothyroidism  may have a significant role in the development of Lupus and other medical conditions.
Prolonged stress and anxiety  could cause adrenal dysregulation, which may in turn cause secondary hypothyroidism (among other effects). Have a 4 x cortisol test (saliva) to rule this out.
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