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Could any of this be related or do I have horrible luck?

Feb- Started having horrific headaches, especially on the sides of my head. Was told by P.A. he thought it could  be trigeminal neuralgia. Put me on meds, did nothing for me.

Mid-Feb- Had f/u MD, he said not trigeminal neuralgia because the pain was on both sides of my head. Have noticed the last several years I cannot wear glasses AT ALL because anything touching the sides of my head at all causes horrible pain. MD says that where my head hurts is where the muscles from your back attach to your head. Thinks it could be a musclar problem sends me for MRI. Exam negative for anything. Doc gives me muscle relaxers and says he doesn't know what it is.(o

Mar- Headaches aren't as frequent (unless I try to wear my glasses). Noticing that my vision is getting really bad of course I am also almost 40 so...Anyway start noticing this "cough" all the time. It is a very non productive cough like I am choking on dust. Talk to my allergist who says it sounds like reflux and put me on Nexium 40 mg once a day. Still getting the occasional headache. Cough still going even on the Nexium.

Apr- Talk to both my PCP and Allergist. Hey guys this cough is still here. What the heck...PCP says allergies, Allergist still says reflux and to give Nexium more time. Cough just keeps getting worse. Headaches have slowed down, again unless i wear glasses or headband.

May- 5/9 I start noticing that my voice is getting hoarse. I think to myself, laryngitis GREAT! Following Monday morning I notice I am choking every time I drink anything. Long story short (this really is the short version) I end up after three weeks of not being able to drink anything unless it was at least the thickness of a shake without aspirating. Two hospitalizations, one EGD, one barium swallow later I am diagnosed with nasopharyngeal reflux. I am told by my ENT that biofeed back caused my throat to close up and caused the aspiration. I go in for a laryngoscopy with dilation. Of course then the reflux is worse so now I am waiting to see a special specialist for further eval. I am on Zantac and Prevacid.

June- Still waiting on the authorization to see the special specialist. And yesterday morning I wake up with my arms and legs COVERED in red CRAZY itchy bumps. There are literally over a hundred spots just on my legs. None on my trunk or face at all. PCP says could be fleas/bed bugs not really sure. Allergist says (with just talking on the phone) that it is highly unlikely that they are bites due to the shear amount of bumps I have. He thinks it is hives or possibly folliculitis. Of course I have stripped my bed a million times hunting for bed bugs and not found anything.

I am so tired of being the mystery with a bunch of crazy random things going on. Especially since I recently started eating much better and loosing weight. (No good deed goes unpunished huh?) Anyway, just hoping someone might have a different insight. Oh my ANA came back negative (last year is was positive speckled 1:40) All my blood work (except RBC) came back normal. Oh yeah and I am having hearing issues now to.

Is 40 really this rough? Do I have horrible luck? Could this be related at all? I know I sound like a raving lunatic but I have never been sick (other than seasonal allergies) in a very long time. I just want someone to tell me what all is going on and how to fix it.
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It could be a mix of multipule disieses which is why it is so hard to pin point, because it has some symtoms of one, and some symtoms of another. Sadly, i am not sure on cause due to so many differant symtoms with unkown and seemingly unkown origins. You seem to just be really unlucky. I hope you get better. Good luck.
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