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Could it be Kidney Stones.. hurry plz , read , answer...

This is a reaccuring pain, not chronic but consistant.  Happens every so often and is nearly unbearable.  I do conside it almost equal to child birth and I had two babies with no "numbing" so I know what that feels like exactly!  Yesterday I noticed I had horrible pain by my right kidney.  Felt useless all day but pain subsided as day went on.  Woke up this am, feeling like was going to be a not so bad day when all of a sudden this re curring pain in my abdomen hit again.  It starts at the hips kinda and goes to the pelvis.  Almost a perfect V.  I know it sounds like overies, it's not as I do not have them anymore.  I have these bouts in varing degrees.  Sometimes it hurts so bad I scream, and scream, and cry, and scream.. til its done and then I don't think about it until next time.  Feels like I am in for a real seige with it this time.  If someone could answer me like almost in real time, (will be watching board) I maybe could go to ER with any Info you could come up with... HELP ME PLZ!!!
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Since you dont have your ovaries you must of had a hyster.  I had one and a yr later developed the same pain.  It was scar tissue I developed from my hyster.  It was so bad at one point I went to the ER thinking it was my appendix.  I would make a appt with my gyn or family dr and get it checked out.  Thats just my opinion.  How long ago was your hyster?
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Thanks for the hasty reply... hyst was years ago and I hve been plagued with scare tissue since appendix out when 11.  However, being aware of this, have kept on top of it.  Just had exploritory while back thinking it was bad again.. NONE.. no scare tissue was present at all.  Clean as a whistle...(lol, got video via doc).  Thanks tho. Prior to this had scar tissue so bad it effected my walking.. This is different. and alot!!!!! more painful than any adhesions... Thanks tho really appreciate reply..Lainey
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It could be kidney stones, it could be something else entirely! What I wouldn't do is delay going to the hospital...especially if it's something that makes you scream with pain. It could be serious or life-threatening. Have someone drive you to the ER...it's not worth the risk!
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My first thought was kidney stone, too.  couldn even be a kidney infection.  you definitely need to be evaluated, the sooner the better.
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