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Could there be something wrong with my ovaries?

hi, i’m 21 years old! Long story short, I started having this weird pain in my pelvic area in the beginning of March, got diagnosed with UTI but ended up being allergic to medicine and I still had like this jab of pain in that area that wasn’t consistent at all and wasn’t ruining my daily activities, it was just annoying. Then I started having really bad lower back aches, and some bloating. Sometimes I’d even feel this pain in my rectal area around my period. Through that time period though, I had a really stressful job working with kids and it wore on my body. Resting it helped a lot! I decided to go to a gyno and they did a transvaginal ultrasound for the pain and they said they found nothing - as I was scared I had ovarian cancer since my aunt died of it.
For a whole moth after that i felt none of the symptoms i had before except this annoying indegestion/grumbling noise in my pelvic area and stomach area, too. sometimes that random jab of pain would come but was rarely happening. Then a week before I was supposed to start my period (on the 22nd of June), I started having those same symptoms (like PMS) and the jabbing pain more often. I ended up starting my period 11 days late. I have a scheduled appmt for another vaginal ultrasound and did a CA125 blood test (doctors never called back so i’m guessing it was good). Anyway, I was thinking endometriosis or something else. I’ve had friends who have had similar symptoms with endo that I have. What do you think? Thanks for reading all that! Lol
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It could be related to ovulation, or lingering bladder infection, or several things. We can't really guess accurately at what may be the cause. Hopefully, your gyn will be able to get you better answers.
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Not sure if a transvaginal ultrasound covers this, but I immediately thought of endometriosis.  I would think between looking at your ovaries and the CA125 you can rule out ovarian cancer I would think.
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Yes, I agree that these sound like symptoms of endometriosis.  They normally do an ultrasound or MRI to determine if you have it.  CA125 is a marker test for ovarian cancer and yes, they'd have called you back if it was elevated beyond normal.  Does it hurt to have sex? Or to have a bowel movement?  
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Here is some good info on endometriosis. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/endometriosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20354656
Hello! thank you for your concern and response! they actually called back and said everything was normal except my pancreas levels were a little elevated, so they’re wanting to schedule an MRI. I have no idea if that has to do with endo.
And yes sometimes it hurts to have a bowel movement, I feel the pain in my pelvic area. But only during my period is that an issue.
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