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Crater Tonsils !

I am wondering if anyone else (especially those that I discovered suffer with disgusting white bumps all over their tonsils) has by some strange means discovered huge holes in their tonsils?  This is not going to be pretty, but here goes the whole story:  While suffering with a terrible sore throat one time and the "choking" gross feeling that i must be swallowing and re-swallowing "phlegm" or like stuff that should only be in my nostrils I could not stand this sensation any longer and was unable no matter how long, or who tried to teach me how to "hawk a loogie sp???" so in my frustration i looked in the back of my throat with a flashlight and nearly blew a gasket at what i saw there : a huge thick, very green "booger" (i am mortified to use that term, but alas dont know how else to describe it) that came down from up behind my uvula and went clear down my throat!  POSSIBLY THE MOST VILE THING I'D EVER PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED.  since i  could not cough this up i desperately grabbed a pair of tweezers and proceeded to try to extract the damn thing as fast as possible!  It proved to be a disturbing task, as the stupid thing did not want to be removed.  it was very sticky and stretched way up and way down past where i was able to reach. I now seem to suffer from this "condition" almost all the time, the only difference being that when I dont have an obvious cold or flu, the "stuff" tends to be clear.  Also, disturbing and WAY BEYOND GROSS is the way this stuff wraps around my tonsils and seems to be literally, "never ending".  This is when I discovered that the white bumps were not attached so to speak, and could also be removed with my tweezers, well after a month or so of digging away at these endless spots, i also discovered that i had HUGE (not a dramatization) craters in my tonsils that were where these white things seemed to be originating (as one person posted: i concur with your observation that they SMELL, THEY SMELL LIKE "ROT" IN FACT, LIKE SOMETHING DEAD! and cause me to have a terrible taste in my mouth even right after i brush, and constant dry mouth and throat) anyway apparently the constant removal of these spots has left me with craters so huge and deep that I can slip like a half an inch of my tweezers down in the craters to remove more of the stinking white unknown substance!  I know this is absolutely foul, especially to be "sharing" with others by posting   my problem ON THE BLEEPIN' INTERNET WHERE THE WHOLE BLEEPIN' WORLD IS FREE TO CHECK IT OUT! but finding other people that told of suffering from at least part of what i go through, made me hopeful there may be SOMEONE ELSE  out there that is in the same awful "boat" that i'm in. so there you have it for what it's worth.  ANYONE OUT THERE RELATE TO THIS?????
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I understand you are grossed out by your body's responses to fighting off infections...But this stuff is not going to kill you...If you have thick green mucous and white spots on your tonsils on a regular basis, you have a recurring infection, probably in your sinuses, coupled with tonsilitis...Don't pick at your tonsils! The white spots are pustules...If your body isn't allowed to heal them over, you have a very real risk of spreading the infection...Try gargling salt water instead and get the infection cleared up by seeing a doctor when it happens...The salt water gargles will promote healing and the bad smell will disappear rapidly (it is the infection that smells)...
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LOL..omigosh that was funny...not really it is called "Chronic Cryptic Tonsilitis" It is where the infection of a bacteria is collected in your tonsils, and because the infection is deep in "craters" it is very hard to get rid of, and very very fowel smelling. GO TO AN ENT, the true way to describe is that its like a pimple, and you CAN express them and that white, yellow green stuff will come out like you have poped a zit. Strong mouth wash and gargle it, will help keep the bacteria down. i had it for years as when i went to the ENT they took out my tonsils out...the younger you are the better...google it you will read about it...Good Luck
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  I totally agree with the other comments. You most likely are fighting infection in your throat or have had many throat infections. I had a tonsillectomy when I was 21... Hopefully you are YOUNG. the younger the better. Also, I had those same "craters" which my ENT called "encrypted" tonsils. You may want to see an ENT about this.
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LOL!! Sorry to laugh but I have the exact same problem with the mucus and white thingy's in the tonsils. Look up "tonsil stones" and that is probably what the white things are. They are just food particles that get "caught" in your tonsil craters. Ya pretty gross!
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Crater Tonsils! - Hi mbmlover,
Wanting to share my own experience with you because I have become so frustrated with my own "Encrypted Tonsils" syndrom.  I also have what I found out to be called encrypted tonsils.  They are huge, but natural craters in my tonsils.  I believe I have always had them and as a youngster I too always thought they were puss or infection, but as I got older and realized I still had them when I wasn't sick at all, and as I went to see a throat doctor that didn't have any other cure or treatment other than getting them removed, I started trying to keep them clean on my own.  I really didn't want to get my tonsils removed as an adult as I hear it is a pretty painful recovery.
I have discovered that it is infact food that gets trapped in these craters of my tonsils.  Anything hard and or crispy really gets stuck in there such as potato chips, any kind of nuts, bready type foods, and if I don't keep up on the cleaning they get a bit out of control and with me too it becomes foul tasting and very bad breath and then it becomes harder to get out.  But if I can suggest what has worked for me as a home remedy is I use a syringe that is used to give medicine to children, I fill it with water and then squirt a hard thin stream of water in the area where I see the white literally peeking out, the tip of the syringe will actually fit a bit inside the crater to help push out the gunk.  There are times when it gets so trapped that this has not even done the complete trick, so I have gotten two wet q-tips and between the pressure of the two I press and squeeze and this also has helped the gunk get out.  This is so frustrating and I have done this for quite a few years now, in addition to this chronic condition, and as there has been times that I get laxed on cleaning them I believe all the pressure that the gunk causes from build up, I frequently get an achy neck.  Hope my experience has helped you a bit as I am glad to find out that I am not the only one experiencing this awful condition.  Good luck!
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Wow this is soooo good to know,I was begining to think that I was suffering from some kind of disease.The white spots,the craters,and the bad smell,all of these things I woke up with this morning.This isnt the first time this has happened to me its recurring but now reading these posts I feel a bit more at ease seeing that its pretty common.Thanks for the insight guys on going to gargle with salt water NOW!!!lOl
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I just got this tonsil stone maybe a week ago. (didn't know what it was untill today) The crater in my tonsils is very small and I want to keep it this way, if not heal it closed (hopefully possible...) So I've been reading about it on the internet for about an hour and I found a few things that seem pretty reasonable to control it. Gargling warm salt water, drinking a lot more fluids to not get a dry throat (and apparently fluids with a lot of sugar isn't good) Don't eat at least 30 minutes before going to bed, brushing teeth and using mouth wash routinely (at least twice a day), using a tounge scrub, on the back of some tooth brushes, to clean the back of your tounge will help get rid of some of the saliva that can cause the stone to harden (or something like that). And I got a water injecter from my dentist for when my wisdom tooth got pulled, that works really good to take the white stuff out. It's pretty gross though, a lot can come out. That's all that I can think of that I found, so I hope it helps.
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I just went to the doctor today and told my doctor about this abnormal "flegm-like substance" that's been coming from my throat for the past few months. He asked if I noticed "white spots" but suprisingly never looked till tonight and yes, they were there. He said there's nothing he could really give me but to gargle mouth wash regularly. Hope it helps to know you're not the only ones, I know it DEFINATELY made me feel less peculiar.
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