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For the last 4 weeks now  I've suffered from a sore throat and now what looks like candida/ oral thrush . The first two weeks my symptoms were severe night sweats ,chills wheezing cough , sinus congestion, headache, very sore when swallowing [felt like I had swallowed razorblades] and white coating  on my tongue . The second week I bought over the counter amoxicillin 500mg twice daily for 10 days standard medication for Strep throat . After taking the antibiotics[ week two]  for 6 days the night sweats chills ,headache and severe pain when swallowing these symptoms disappeared. The coating on my tongue today is still present but now instead of white it's a slight yellow colour . After I finished my antibiotics  The third week I bought Organic non filtered Apple cider vinegar a tablespoon 3x per day diluted in warm water and colloidal silver [ 40PPM ] strength as both are good for fungal/yeast infections I've finished both after 10 days and my tongue still has a slight yellow coating and occasionally I bring up small amounts of white sticky mucus  . My male friend has also a yellow coating on his tongue the reason being that he told me that he went to a sex club and performed  unprotected oral sex also performed rimming on one of the escorts girls. He has been to the doctors and was prescribed medication Fluconazole for candida my friend has now taken two courses of this medication and it has not helped . I think that I may of been infected due to sharing a plate of BBQ ribs as we only used our hands this was 4 weeks ago  at the time my friend was complaining of a sore throat. Do you think that I need to see a doctor or maybe taking the Amoxicillin antibiotics has caused a fungal/ candida/oral thrush infection and should maybe try probiotics to correct the imbalance of over growth of bad bacteria in the gut . Probiotics might cure the infection i.e slight yellow coating on my tongue and fungal mucus ? Do you think my friend has been wrongly diagnosed and has oral chlamydia ? Can I get oral Chlamydia or candida from a infected person sharing a food plate using only your hands ? Sorry for this rather long Question      
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It sounds like you had Covid.
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In fact, my doctor said that everyone she has seen who got Omicron who was also vaccinated, presented with a sore throat and headache. I'm vaccinated and boosted, and got Omicron all the same, and it was in the form of a persistent sore throat. It's probably too late to take a home test (though you could try one), but in any case, taking antibiotics wouldn't have solved Covid. The fact that the symptoms eased was probably coincidental. I wouldn't suggest dosing yourself with antibiotics anyway, it's a good way to give yourself antibiotic resistance and you might need antibiotics to work for an infection another time.

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