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Dark Urine and Brown Discharge

I recently flew to Europe for work, and given that I won't be home for another 8 days, I wanted to get some opinions on whether I am dealing with something that can wait or something that needs attention.  About 2 days ago, I started experiencing some lower back pain and had some difficulty sleeping.  I chalked it off to jet lag and sleeping in beds that were exceptionally firm here in London.  Today however, I noticed some creamy, smooth, milky brown discharge...it's not terribly dark (think of milk chocolate as opposed to dark chocolate)...along with clear, dark urine.  I've had my fair share of UTI's over the years, but outside of the lower back pain, the urine and discharge symptoms are different this time around.  I don't really have any other symptoms to help identify this. Any thoughts on what might be going with my body?  31 years old.
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Sorry to hear that you have a problem.

Is the creamy milky brown discharge coming from your urethra along with your urine, or from your vagina?

With the lower back pain accompanied with the discharge if this is coming from the vaginal area, then this could be a start of a period, or a vaginal infection.  Foul fishy smelling discharge from the vagina can also indicate an infection in the vagina, like bacterial vaginosis, Thrush (this is a fungal infection and is usually white and the area will feel sore and itchy too).

If the discharge is coming from your urethra when you pee, then this is a severe form of a urinary tract infection with the possibility of kidney stones.
Cleark dark urine usually indicates that you are dehydrated.
Sometimes dark urine may contain microscopic traces of blood, but this may come from your vagina if you are beginning a period.
A strong smelling urine with the look mentioned above can also indicate that there is an infection in the urinary tract.

Dark and cloudy, or pale but cloudy urine is indicative of a urinary tract infection.  This can be anywhere from the kidneys right down to the urethra.

Make sure you drink plenty of water at least 2-3 litres per day, more if you are sweating or working out in the gym.

My advice is to get an appointment with the doctor so that he can give you the correct diagnosis, possibly take a swab to identify the bacteria/fungus.  When you go to the appointment take a sample of your urine.  If you do not have a recepticle in which to do a urine sample, the surgery or drop in centre will usually give you one so that you can do a sample when you are at the appointment.  

I have given you information with regard to the two problems above, as it is not clear to me where the discharge is actually coming from.  But hope it gives you some idea of what it may be.

Hope you get on alright.

Best wishes

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Go to Doctor and get checked for infections and STD. A hard bed shouldn't cause these symptons.
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kidney problems i think with the lower back pain but u should go to a dr
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