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Dehydration or kidney stones?

For the last few months, if I hold in my urine too long, every now and then my left side hurts from my hip to the middle of my ribs (more toward the back but not on the back).  But it doest seem like I even have to pee that bad to begin with until I get the pain.  Today, I had more most severe left side pain that brought me to my knees and made me sick to my stomach.   (no other symptoms) Lasted about 15 min.  Now, few hours later I still have slight achiness in that area.  I know I have not drank nearly enough water the last few days but had started day off with coffee.  Am I dehydrated or could this be kidney stones?
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definitely could be stones. i had 1 and mu hubby had them 2x. awful pain
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Sound like kidney stones - perhaps trying to pass.  Drink lots and lots of water and avoid coffee, tea... Even an excess of Ca++ can cause stones.  If you are taking vitamins with too much calcium, it can build up and cause problems.  They usually pass within a few days but you need to keep the urine dilute.  If it is a stone, you should try to collect it and take it in to you family physican and find out what type of stone it is so you know what to avoid.  People who get one stone will typically continue to get them.  If it is really bad, try drinking coconut WATER (not milk).  This can help with some stones to help them "shrink".  BYW; it tastes terrible at room temperature but not as bad cold. (Try to drink 2)  :)
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I would say a combo.  Increase the water and stop the caffeine.

Caffeine is an irritant to your bladder and kidneys.

If this continues, please consult you physician ASAP.    
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