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Diagnosed Post-Viral Syndrome? Anyone?

First, I had a very odd rash on both my legs--snake like pattern (red purple), web-like, not raised, no pain. Then, a week later I got a twitch in my eye with blurry vision. Nothing too spectacular so far, I was going about my business. Next--third week--, I started feeling really tired, with abdominal pain, no vomiting or fever, just feeling off. Then BOOM! TERRIBLE stiff neck, and bad burning headache on the bottom back of my head. I thought I had meningitis, but had no fever, so didn't go to the ER. I felt like my head was just swollen and stiff, and basically feeling terrible malaise all around. Started skipping work. About a few days later, I woke up with stiffness on my right side from my arm down to my foot, with twitches, and stiff fingers, tingling and sometimes weird tingling in face and jaw, sort of an irritated throat--not sore just swollen and tastes "sour" in the back of my throat-- such as when you have  cut in your mouth. My body felt VERY wrong, like I thought I was potentially needing emergency care at some points through this because of how bad I felt.  I never had anything like these before, I started having trouble with memory, and with speaking and spelling and typing and general cognitive function. Still had neck pain, but it was better. Eye sight still blurry in one eye--especially hard to read up close. Primary care did auto-immune and CBC blood test, all came out normal. Then I saw a neurologist --he did an evoked potential test on my arms and found some nerve damage...he said he didn't suspect MS, and put me on steroids for 6 days. He said it was very likely this was a post-viral effect and he has seen it a lot lately. My sensation symptoms improved after steroids for 6 days.  Rash is still present--and it is SO weird. I'm feeling better, but still not right.  Does anyone have anything like this ? I am a 28 year old, healthy female. (or I used to be). This is the scariest thing I have ever had...No MRI yet
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