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Diagnosis cracked rib? muscle nerve?


I play a bit of sports and the other day I took a blow to my back(went flying into a wall in a game of indoor football)

at the time i thought i was fine after a couple of minutes, for the next few hours i felt discomfort just below my right shoulder and on my side(lower ribs region)

I proceeded to ignore this, however later out of nowhere i felt the pain get worse as i turned to grab a glass from the kitchen, i was having problems breathing and the pain was really really bad for a couple of minutes.

when i breath in deep(when i get to the point of breathing in as far as i can) it becomes excruciating pain, i also have discomfort when i laugh cough etc, i have had lower back issues in the past but this does not seem to be directly related as the older issue was a disc problem.

Could someone shed some light please?

Thanks V Much
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I suggest you get this checked out at an urgent care. They should be able to assist you and make sure you did not break your ribs or even possibly hurt anything else as well. Considering you have organs and such that your ribs protect, it is better to just make sure you are ok if you are having this much pain. I would not think this is because of your back if it is an acute injury. If you can get into your family doctor that would even be better because it is Monday of course and won't cost as much hopefully. They should be able to give you something for pain too. Get better ok. Peace
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Well are you a doctor? do you have medical experience?

If so what does this sound like? I am going to get it checked out.

you see there is an area of discomfort below my right shoulder too.

I am just a tad confused, could a blow to the back hurt your ribs?

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sorry, meant to say thanks too
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Also, just to help diagnose, when i lean my body to the right(in a standing position just leaning over sidewards) the pain is excruciating. on the side of my ribs and the back)
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NO, I am not a doctor. And even a doctor cannot diagnose over the web as far as I know. I am a patient and seeking help just like you. God gave me a bit of a brain that is too big and thinks too much, so I try to put it to good use now since up until two months ago I wasn't even talking to anyone outside my family any more. But, I wanted to be a patient advocate back when I was feeling somewhat better because of the things I have seen in my life. Mostly, because of my sister who almost died twice from pancreatitis and spent over a year + total from all the time she had to be in the hospital. She has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Lupus, Blood clots...and autoimmune pancreatitis not to mention everything else. I also used to have a friend who was studying to be a doctor before she got heart failure. She was my roommate for about a year. So, I had her help trying to help my sister in getting her to go to the right places. Also, there is a lot of free information online for anyone who decides to participate in educating themselves in just general. I have a college degree in Psychology and was unable to finish grad school. Not because of my grades, but because of dealing with too much. But God won't let me just sit back and waste away even though at times that is how I feel. So if all I can do right now, is write a word of comfort or suggest what type of doctor to see, then that is what I will do. I'm sure you notice all the patients on this board looking for help. Remember, sometimes advocating for yourself if you are having a tough time might be the only way to get help. But, there are always extremes, and extremes are not healthy. I unfortunately know this all too well worrying and worrying too much. I also actually really care and cannot stand to see people suffering. It hurts me to see how many patients and people in general searching for help in so many ways. So, I expect nothing but to do the work God put me here to do even if it is not work in the conventional sense.  If you are in this much pain though why suffer. I have had the word "acute injuries" rammed into my head so many times in the past week in the ER because I was not in an acute situation even though I had to be rehydrated three separate times. So, sorry if I sound a bit testy today. Most of the expert boards here redirect you to the community boards. I chose to try to help in any way I can on the undiagnosed board, just like some other members here. I bet you will be able to get help and relief...which is a good thing. So even if a doctor was to suggest something to you on here, it cannot help you get the care you need. HUGS and Peace
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I really think that you should have an x-ray to rule out rib-fracture.

Take care,
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