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Difficulty Beathing, Feeling Of Lump Stuck In Throat

I am writing today because I have a peculiar pattern of symptoms that nobody can seem to figure out. First off, I am a 24yr. old female. I have asthma. Smoked for 11yrs.(quit in sept '05) Many hospitalizations due to asthma, none rescent. I am a recovering alocoholic with bulimia ( which went on for about 8ys). In 2001 I had my gallbladder removed .Got sober.. had a baby in apr '04. Whole time I was having bloodwork approx. every 3 months, checking my thyroid. My doc at the time said that they were just a little off each time, but nothing of concern. Bouts of iritis beagan in feb '05, becoming more persistant each time & still present. Last sep'05, I began to have difficulty "taking a deep breath or yawning". I was also extremely tired, lethargic and felt like something stuck in my throat. After 2 trips to the E.R ( said itwas anxiety) More testing found that my thyroid levels were infact way off, did an ultrasound, found a nodule, FNA showed suspicion for pappillary. Had a total thyroidectomy. (sugeon said that the 2.4 cm tumor was in the thyroid but pushing against my vocal cord and that he got it all) Many complic. after sugery, (low blood calcium, no parathyroid function, stopped breathing, placed on ventilator, could not speak for i mon.after tube removal and remained in ICU for 7 days, total 11 days in patient) take cal&vit D supp. Breathing difficulty never left (except a few days at atime) &A week ago started feeling lump in throat again, tired, hoarse voice. R131 delayed till May b/c surg complic.Scared again, could this be back? Lots of docs&tests..no answers? Hel
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Oh, I forgot to mention, the thyroiectomy was on 11/10/05....Iodine treatment to take place end of may, with prep beginning April 24. I have had neck & chest CT, 2 chest x rays, multiple blood tests. I have an endrochrologist, still under care of the endocrine sugeon as well, primary care ( just changed after sugery), pulminologist,  opthomologist, ect...no one can seem to figure out what is going on, suspect autoimmune, but more tests needed to see. Also, after thyroid storm is what they called it, they said my bloodwork all along for 5 yrs. looked like graves or thyrotoxicosis or acute thyroiditis, but no one ever actually diagnosed the thyroid problem, they said the bloodwork often looked like graves, sometimes normal and others...hypo. Once cancer was suspected, it was removed and there was no more talk of the original condition...Sorry, I don't mean to go on and on, it's been long and frustrating and scary and just thought a complete history would help you to give me a couple sugg, that maybe they could test for.
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Sorry to hear you've been mucked around for so long - and paid the price.  This is the case of many people with thyroid conditions - they ignored for so long and we feel that time was lost to us.
I'm no expert but are you on meds etc to supplement your lack of thyroid?  Maybe you just need to get these optimised which takes a bit of time.  You can get lots of help on some thyroid support groups.  Try this one for starters, there are lots and lots of people there with all sorts of thyroid issues.....


Best wishes.

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Ask yto get a referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist. This is ridiculous you've been mucked around for so long.

I know some people I know with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome get recurrent throat symptoms.

Good luck with it and God Bless! Don't give up.
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my throat is sort of numb like someone is holding it, i have an irritating itch occassionaly in my throat which causes me to cough. I have dificulty breathing like its a constant effort and as if I can never get enough oxygen from a breath
At night or when I am lying down I find my self gasping and having to conciously make my self breath. this is usually accompanied by an overwhelming sensation to burp.. What is wrong with me, My doctor didn't even look down my throat, checked the sound of my breathing and said i have some sort of problem with gas.
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I have an update on what my doctor believes is the condition that i am suffering from and why i am having these symptoms, but first I would like to respond to the last posted comment. I wish I couls tell you that I knew what might be going on with you, but i am not a doctor and have had no medical training so I will not even guess. What i can tell you from experience is that you cannot let MD's give up on you. If you feel something, especially that intensely, then something is wrong. Make sure that the doctor you are working with is one that really listens to his/her patients and if not, then i would suggest either changing doc's, which is what i ultimatley did, or definately get a second opinion.We need doctors to make the diagnosis based on our symptoms, because they have the training and i respect them, but there are many who are either pompus or do not take the time to really listen to their patients or who just blow it off as if what you feel isn't real. My doctor treated every problem with breathing that i had with antibiotics for an assumed bronchitis, which were very frequent and never took the time to look any further and I have paid the price for not insisting on better medical care for myself. My new doc beleives thati have been suffering from sarcoidosis, which would explain many of my my symptoms if not all. Infact, she now believes that it was the sympotms from sarcoid that made my other doc finally look a little further and that may have been the only reason that they found my thyroid cancer at all! Talk about a blessing in diguise!!A couple more tests should confirm this diagnosis and i will then begin treatment if i am still having a "flare up" I fianllly feel like I may have the answers i need to help correct the problem and live my life. If it wasn't for switching doc's i would still be on antibiotics twice a month. I know it can be scary and discouraging, but don't give up, some docs really care to take the time and find out. I am still scared but now that she has explained things to me, i finally believe that i will be there to watch my daughter grow up and that these symptoms will subside. Thanks everyone for your support and I will pray that everything works out for you and all others in this posistion.
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