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Difficulty breathing and constant belching - Air trapped in stomach

Entire erectors get tight
I can’t breathe in deeply -- can’t get air to abdomen
Can’t pass gas throughout day -- just gets stuck -- except early morning (hernia? Nothing on CT)
Cold shower will help air stuck in diaphragm - not completely
Air gets trapped in lower abdomen and below ribs
Constant belching because trapped air -- especially as day goes on
I constantly feel like my torso is falling back - like my psoas is completely turned off

What makes it worse?
Plane rides
Sitting feels like it compresses everything and makes it impossible to breath
Working behind my computer (because I can’t be conscious of my breathing)
Lack of movement
High fat meals but honestly I think that’s just an aggravator
Sitting - can’t do my job because I can’t sit without it

What makes it better?
Abductor and adductor machines
Kickback machines
Glute medius exercises
Certain yoga exercises
Hip flexor movements
Cracking ribs in certain spots
Massage -- especially on neck
Stretching out
Oblique exercise - although they don’t really work right either
Can’t tell if strengthening or stretching hamstrings work
Really focusing on letting go of the lower core muscles -- sinking into seat
Running and opening up rib cage
Cold shower

Possible fixes?
Stabilize sacrum
Stabilize thoracic spine
Increase stomach acid
Completely heal gut and all other neuro/structure symptoms go away?

I think both weak upper erectors have a lot to do with it. Oddly enough lat pulldowns also seem to “drop” whatever that weight is just under my ribs.
After dinner -- my largest meal systems become terrible. I feel like I’m blown up like a balloon no matter what I eat. Gas that’s just trapped, but not like bloating. My diaphragm shuts off, I cant sit down, can’t work. I’m kinda trapped at that point.

I eventually have to take a contrast shower to relieve a lot of gas trapped in my abdomen. Belching.
Then I can use this sometimes doing a similar move to that lady https://www.amazon.com/Stretching-Rehabilitation-Laminated-Stretch-Exercises/dp/B07H4PCLCB/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=green+pt+band&qid=1552365184&s=gateway&sr=8-8

Could it be a hernia, could it be something with my cut oblique… this just doesn’t make much sense.

Could stomach acid have anything to do with it? It’s one thing to have gas, another to not be able to pass it. I might get PRP injections in my t-spine because rotation and running also helps significantly.

What tests have you done?
GI Map
Hepta scan
SIBO breath test
Blood tests of all sorts

Link to tests:

Additional Notes:
Belching doesn’t have to be after a meal, still experienced when fasted
Tried all the diets -- but after dealing with this for 2 years it's not a diet that will “FIX” it
When playing basketball I feel very unstable and can’t seem to stabilize core because there’s a balloon in my stomach...not like typical. Like my TVA is completely turned off.

Air ball constantly on the left side of my body and in the pelvic region, like I can’t pass gas. Literally. Except, oddly enough in the early morning…

Have done a colonic before in which the water gets stuck, or seems to which further is representation towards structure being the issue.

When this all began I started getting CRAZY spasms in my abs when I tried to do certain workouts. Gas would literally get stuck in my abdomen, especially if I did heavy squats. Could be something with L3?
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If you search for myotome and dermatome maps, they show the levels of the spine and areas of the body/organs effected.
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